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What makes an activist? January 15, 2013

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We got a tip to check out this awesome infographic that Column Five Media put out about social activism in young adults- and it’s pretty interesting! Seattle Works is full of community activists so we couldn’t help sharing.

The first step is defining what participating in social activism means. Much like Seattle Works believes you can give your time, money, skills, and voice Column Five Media defined activism as donating time, donating money, participating in rallies, participating in fundraising, boycotting or supporting businesses, participate through texting, subscribing to newsfeeds, organize group events, and contacting representatives.

This launched a debate in the offices- does subscribing to a newsfeed really make you an activist? Or is this a classic example of “lowering the bar” to include ‘slactivists’?

By their definition though 7 out of 10 American young adults are activists. Compared to just 38% who met the definition in 2010. A pretty dramatic jump! Other interesting tidbits include that 3 in 5 activists are women, and 3 in 5 are educated and in the workforce.

What’s our number one issue? Quality education! Followed closely by access to education and cancer.

Want to learn more? Check out the facts and figures yourself and let us know what you think. Is asking if people would be more likely to buy from a company that supports a cause they care about if price and quality were equal as effective a measure as asking how often they seek out a company that supports a cause? We want to hear your thoughts!

Afterwards get involved yourself- have you checked out our HandsOn Leadership training (it starts Saturday!) or hot projects?


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