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Hot Project Volunteers Rock the Afterschool Math and Science Kit Build January 18, 2013

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A Saturday morning, bright and early, 25 awesome volunteers came out to help Washington Alliance for Better Schools build over 70 afterschool math and science kits.

This doesn’t sound too challenging right? Well each individual kit has something like 10 – 35 items in them. Plus, each of those items have to be counted out or measured – which is seriously time consuming.  A job that would have taken days without the extra help from these volunteers.  In just four hours all the kits were built and ready to be handed out to the volunteers at their training the next week!

Where do these kits go?

Each kit is headed out to a classroom in one of thirteen different school districts from West Seattle, to the south end, all the way up to Everett and beyond!  Boeing employees volunteer to deliver six weeks worth of after school programming either in mathematics or science.  They either go into 4th and 5th grade classes, or 6th – 8th.

This program allows the students to hear from people that use these skills every day in their jobs!  It also gives them the time and opportunity to perform cool experiments like building a water wheel to explore energy, or playing probabilty games.

Does this kind of easy volunteering sound like something that you can do?  Do you have four hours on a Saturday to donate to an organization that needs your help?  If so, check out our Hot Project calendar and sign up when you can!


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