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Why are you investing in yourself? January 23, 2013

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Last Saturday was the first half of our Winter HandsOn Leadership training. 19 emerging leaders came together and learned about leadership styles, project management skills, and how to fund raise as well as get to know each other over tasty Vietnamese food. We wanted to know what inspired people to invest in themselves by taking this class and what they hoped they would learn- so we asked them.

Some of the reasons people signed up for this class:

  • Make some connections in the community. Connect with some non-profits and build relationships with people and organizations.
  • A good leadership skill [set] that would be useful for me throughout life
  • More involvement in the community; awareness of community needs and resources; project management resources
  • Volunteer, learn about new things
  • Communication skills
  • Project management skills
  • I want to learn to be more involved in the community, to meet people and to learn to lead a small group for volunteer projects
  • A better understanding of all the parts of volunteering/project management

These leaders are getting the chance to work with some pretty cool partner organizations- projects are coming from Girl Scouts of Western Washington, Bent, Urban Artworks, Northgate READS, and Seattle Works is offering a project this round as well.

Next week is going to be busy for HandsOn Leadership– launching these new projects and supporting ongoing ones with Chip In! Be sure to sign up for our next round in Spring or come check out Chip In and drink some beer while learning about HandsOn Leadership. What’ll be your reason for signing up?


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