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Volunteer coordinators become the volunteers January 24, 2013

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We work every day coordinating volunteers. We recruit them, train them, match them, and support them. So it was nice this Martin Luther King Jr. Day to get down and dirty and volunteer ourselves. Irina, Ben, and I spent the morning with Zeno– one of our favorite nonprofits to work with! It was a refreshing change to be on the other side of the fence and realize how much just a few volunteers can do.

Two other fantastic volunteers came and joined us and we spent a couple of hours wrapping bottles, stamping cards, wrapping boxes, and prepping math card kits all while listening to the inauguration streaming on NPR and snacking on donut holes.

It was great to work with Carol Ryan who volunteers for as faculty for HandsOn Leadership and works closely with Hot Projects to provide a lot of great volunteering opportunities! Always a refreshing change to get into the field and see what a difference volunteers can make first hand- 31 bottles of wine and 5 raffle boxes wrapped, and 200 note cards stamped for Zeno‘s Make a Move for Math Fundraiser. All in only 15 service hours! Plus we got to learn about the great work Zeno is doing and why their mission is so important.

How did you serve during MLK Day?


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