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Collaboration is effective and smart (and what donors want to see!) January 29, 2013

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Last week was a great workshop hosted by the Puget Sound Grantwriters Alliance all about collaboration! Naturally we had to attend- at Seattle Works collaboration is something we pride ourselves on and we do it every day.

The three panelists were great and all brought different perspectives:

Nancy Long, Executive Director, 501 Commons
Rebecca McColl, Grants Officer, Antioch University Seattle
Sherrana Kildun, Director of Community Programs, Greater Tacoma Community Foundation

Not to mention the very fun Ted Lord moderating! But this wasn’t simply a sit back and listen experience- instead we got to talk with each about examples of collaboration we’ve seen and what common threads wove our experiences together.

Although the focus was on grant writing it quickly became clear how useful collaboration could be in making a lot of our work more effective. All panelists were quick to stress that collaborations shouldn’t just be formed to make a grant application look more attractive but rather as a way to get more work done more effectively and ultimately do more good in the community.

If you’re a member of PSGA they’ve got the whole thing taped and on their website- you should definitely check it out! And if you’re not a member their website has some good resources still!

How have you collaborated successfully? We’d love to hear your stories.


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