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Philanthropy Forward–What will giving look like this year and beyond? February 1, 2013

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Need some light thinking to go with your Saturday morning coffee? Check out this video of City Club’s recent “Philanthropy Forward” event!

Seattle Works attended the discussion last week, which brought together Brian Arbogast of Progress Alliance of Washington, Kristen Eddings of Agency/Washington Global Health Alliance,Nadia Eleza Khawaja of Jolkona and Paul Shoemaker of Social Venture Partners Seattle to talk about the future of philanthropy in our hometown and beyond. It was a fascinating talk about the changing face of giving, the relationship between donors and the organizations they support, and the way technology can play a part in engaging the next generation of philanthropists. We loved that the discussion framed money as just one tool for change-making, which mirrors Seattle Works’ philosophy on community engagement: we believe you can give your time, skill, voice and money to make a difference.

As we gear up to launch our own giving program later this month, we love to learn about the work other organizations in Seattle are doing at the forefront. We’re tackling these same questions and asking ourselves frequently, how do we give all of our resources–time, skill, voice and money–in a way that will most benefit the causes and organizations we care most about?


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