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Young donors giving smarter, together February 8, 2013

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All evidence points to the fact that the world of philanthropy is changing–and the new #nextgendonors report from The Johnson Center for Philanthropy confirms just that. What’s the next generation of donors looking for? They’re focused on impact and strategy, beyond just handing over a check. They want to have a meaningful role in creating change and are active with the causes they care about–as donors, volunteers and activists.

As we say at Seattle Works, they want to give their time, skill, voice AND money.

We’re gearing up for the launch of our own giving program, CommonWealth, and were especially excited to read this:

  • Twenty- and thirty-something donors tend to trust information from their peers more than other sources of information, the study says, and they are very interested in giving circles and other ways of working together
  • More than 30 percent said they turned to “next generation” peer groups to learn about giving
  • More than half said they were very or fairly experienced volunteers

If you’re looking for a group of like-minded peers to learn and give with, too, check out CommonWealth. We’re bringing together groups of 10-15 donors each round to learn about responsible giving, build community and make a big contribution to the issues they care about–together.

Our pilot round starts March 6. Learn more on our site–or, sign up today!


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