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2012 in Review: Seattle Works is Crazy 4 U February 14, 2013

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Everyone’s professing some love today–and Seattle Works is following suit! If we were going to fill a box of conversation hearts for you all, CRAZY 4 U would be at the top of our list (followed by Fax Me–kidding! Please don’t fax us!)

Why all the love, you ask? Well, we’ve spent the last month looking back at the work you did in 2012 and are consistently blown away with everything we accomplished together last year! For a complete rundown of your amazing work, check out the brand spankin’ new Year in Review doc up on our website. Need a cheat sheet? Well, let’s start with how you gave your time this year:

  • 20,563 hours of volunteer service
  • 335 Hot Projects and Team Works projects completed
  • 1114 Seattle Works Day participants volunteering at 34 local nonprofits

And that’s not all–89% of you are volunteering at least once a month; 42% of you 2+ times a month. You say Seattle Works is helping you make those volunteer experiences more meaningful! Over half of you say your volunteering has increased since becoming involved with Seattle Works and that your volunteering now makes better use of your time, skill and passion.

Sounds like we make a pretty great team. So, what do you say? Be our valentine?


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