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New Round of Team Works Comes with Awesome New Stories February 22, 2013

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The first project of the Feb-May Team Works round was Sat 2/9 10am-2pm. 16 teams, 16 organizations and over 160 volunteers later – we get to hear the awesome stories!

Now, I’m always excited to hear how hard the teams worked and how much fun they had – but I love stories even more when there are pictures involved. Woo-hoo to the teams who take a few minutes to snap a few photos!

I checked in with Team Captains, and here’s the awesome things I heard:

– “The event [at Nature Consortium] went well – we lucked out on the weather and, although not sunny, it didn’t rain. Everyone who came had a great time!” Team The Do Somethings

– “Overall, the project [at United Indians Youth Home] went well – there was plenty of work to do, they provided all the materials necessary, etc.  I would definitely do another project there given the opportunity.” Team Oh So Dirty 30s

– “Operation Nightwatch went very well! This organization is really organized and the coordinator Christine was just outstanding. She was really dedicated to helping the tenants and took a lot of time to tell us about the impact of our work. I would definitely recommend working with this organization.” Team In Living Color

– “ROOTS was the perfect first project because Leah had us working on newsletters the whole time which involved us all sitting together at tables while we worked. It made it really easy to chat and get to know each other. And after a brief lunch break, we scrambled the tables. Couldn’t be happier with it so far!” Team Sporty Smart-Asses

– “The event [at Pickering Barn Learning Garden] went really well. The team was able to lay a whole path of gravel and do some pruning. Everyone seemed to have a really good time. The team is trying to hang out prior to the next project – we are all enjoying getting to know everyone.” Team The Do-Gooders

Team Beer View Mirrors started the round at the Rainier Valley Cultural Center. They blogged about their great experience: “Located in the center of Columbia City, just south of Seattle, the Rainier Valley Cultural Center serves the community by providing a space for theatre, music, workshops and other events throughout the year. Rich and Francisca are stewards of the old and historical building, and help bring the community together. We had the chance to work with them this month by helping the place get ready for Spring!”

Keep up the great work, teams! Till next month.


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