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Five reasons to get excited about CommonWealth February 28, 2013

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We just can’t hold it in any longer–we’re so excited to launch our newest program, CommonWealth next week! What are we so psyched about and why do we think you should sign up? Well, here’s our Top 5 list:

1. We’re bringing some great brains to the table. We’ve invited facilitators from Seattle Foundation, Pride Foundation and Social Venture Partners to lead our first two sessions–and in true Seattle Works style, we’ve handpicked a crew to steer our CommonWealth ship that knows it’s possible to make an impact and have fun.

2. You’re going to learn–a lot. Of course we’re packing our trainings full of information that will make you a smarter donor, but our sessions will also teach you a lot about you and your teammates–what do you care about most? How do your values influence your giving? How do 10 people make a big decision, together? It’ll be hands-on and driven by what matters to you.

3. And you’ll probably learn from each other. We’re bringing in great facilitators, yes, but CommonWealth is largely about starting conversations with each other. What happens when 10-15 20- and 30-somethings put their heads and wallets together? An experiment in teambuilding that will lead you to a new network of people who care about the things you love.

4. Interested in education and youth? Have we got the panel for you. We’re kicking off CommonWealth with a conversation with local experts working in the field–we’ve got panelists from SOAR, New Futures and Aki Kurose Middle School ready to talk with you about some of the biggest issues facing schools, students and youth in our hometown.

5. This is your chance to be a part of something BIG. We know $250 is a big ask–but we also know the payoff is even bigger. When else have you had a chance to have a say in where thousands of dollars end up in your community? We challenge you to make the commitment.

Do we have you convinced? Sign up today! Our first session is Wed March 6 from 6-9pm at the Seattle Works office.

Questions? Contact Katie Tiehen at

See you March 6!


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