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Homelessness and Mental Illness: Are You Informed? March 11, 2013

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Last Friday, Tomilyn and I attended the 2nd monthly brown bag series dealing with homelessness  and mental illness in our community, hosted by Social Venture PartnersBainbridge Graduate Institute and HUB Seattle.

Darcell Slovek-Walker and Karin Kwambai, from Transitional Resources, were the guest speakers – and gave the group a heap of useful information. Interested in what we learned? Read on!

– 1 in 4 Americans live with a mental illness.

– Mental illness is more prevalent than heart disease, lung disease and cancer combined.

– There is a stigma attached to mental illness; no one talks about it.

– Fewer people are willing to get help due to the stigmatization.

– 40% of homeless people are living with a mental illness; of those, 60% are also battling drug and alcohol addictions.

– Even with the resources Seattle has to offer, there are 2,075 homeless men and women with mental illness in King County on any given day.

Overall, the presentation was inspiring; it showed that organizations such as Transitional Resources do fantastic things to help those in need – and we’re happy to support them! Want to show your support as well? Sign up for our upcoming Hot Project with Transitional Resources, and help get their certified organic garden ready for spring! What does an organic garden have anything to do with supporting homelessness and mental illness, you ask? Well, the garden is incorporated into the programs at Transitional Resources. The residents benefit from learning about gardening, being actively involved in the process, using the food they grow in their kitchens, and having a therapeutic environment to enjoy.

Looking for more information on mental illness and homelessness? Contact Transitional Resources at!

Want to attend a brown bag event? Check out SVP’s events calendar – don’t forget your lunch and your questions!


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