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Do you even know where your money’s been? March 17, 2013

Filed under: CommonWealth,Innovation Hub,Invest — seattleworks @ 9:00 am

We came across a shocking statistic in our CommonWealth session last Wednesday:

“Generation X (age 24 to 34), on average, gives $756 dollars per year–yet have no idea they’re giving this much. They typically support over 10 organizations a year–yet can only name two. They can, however, remember every friend who linked them to the gifts they can’t remember making.”

As you’re grabbing a coffee this Sunday morning, think about the money you give away each year–how do you keep track? Are you giving thoughtfully to the issues you care about most, or spending $50 here and there whenever someone asks? In a world of text-to-give and Kickstarter, we all fall prey to the latter–but what impact could we have if we had a plan for our $756?

Want to become a smarter donor? Stay tuned for our next round of CommonWealth.


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