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What Inspires You? March 22, 2013

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I had the opportunity to attend YWCA‘s amazing Inspire Luncheon yesterday, featuring America Ferrera (yes – Ugly Betty!) as the guest speaker.

While the event was short (hello, greatest lunch hour I’ve had in a while), I learned a lot. Below are some of the quotes I thought fit well with the theme – as they were inspiring:

“Talent is universal; opportunity is not.” – America Ferrera. The work of the YWCA is so important because it gives women, children and families the ability to use their resources, skills and talent for things that will better their life – rather than using it for survival.

– “Being homeless takes away more than just a roof over your head.” – A speaker whose life was transformed by YWCA.

– “We serve people who don’t look for a handout but a hand-up.” YWCA looks for women who are ready to change their lives for the better.

“You don’t need to give up what you love doing in order to do something you think will help change the world more. Find what you love and make it into something that will change the world.” – America Ferrera.

The luncheon was successful – and not only in that it made everyone think of just how lucky Washington State is to have YWCA, but also how much money was raised ($339,495 to be exact) to help fight against homelessness and racism.

Want to learn more about YWCA? Check out their next Inspire Luncheon Tues April 30, featuring guest speaker Geena Davis at the Washington State Convention Center.



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