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Why we nominated Erin Espinosa for 2013 Governor’s Outstanding Volunteer Service Award April 22, 2013

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In honor of National Volunteer Week we’re spending the whole week on our blog spotlighting some great Seattle Works volunteers from every program. We can’t think of a better way to showcase the impact of volunteers on and the power of volunteerism. First up? Rockstar Erin Espinosa of course!

When we received the call to nominate someone for the 2013 Governor’s Outstanding Volunteer Service Award many names were thrown around the office. After all, we have no shortage of amazing volunteers. But when Erin Espinosa was brought up the nomination game stopped and everyone agreed.

So what did we write for this nomination? We’re sharing the full text with you:

Erin has been volunteering with Seattle Works for four years and quickly stepped up as a leader soon after her first interaction! Currently Erin is a dedicated captain of her Team Works team, which includes recruiting volunteers, coordinating logistics with the project host and planning fun outings for her team to interact with one another. She encourages her team and works alongside them sharing her infectious positive attitude and showing the volunteers they are a part of something bigger! Erin’s teams looks up to her, because she isn’t just the epitome of a great Team Captain – she is also a great leader. Erin takes initiative with many things, such as giving feedback to Seattle Works staff about events, activities and serving on the Seattle Works Day committee, helping to plan our largest day of service engaging over 1,000 volunteers on one day. Her thoughtful advice and generous support are unmatchable!

Want to hear more about Erin? Check out her 10 question profile.


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