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Volunteering Is Fulfilling For Holly Wyrwich! April 24, 2013

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It’s day three of our National-Volunteer-Week-blog-post-recognition extravaganza! Below are the top 10 reasons (we don’t have enough room to list them all) we love our featured volunteer of the day, Holly Wyrwich:

1. She has been volunteering with Seattle Works since 2008. Um, that’s 5 years. Woot!

2. She has coordinated over 23 Hot Projects.

3. She has attended over 40 Hot Projects.

4. She is always excited and ready to give back!

5. She has given her time to so many organizations: Phinney Neighborhood Association, Alliance for Education, Seattle Ladies Choir, ROOTS Young Adult Shelter, Camelot Society, Seattle Goodwill, North Helpline and – if you can believe it – there’s more!

6. She spent her 30th birthday volunteering on Seattle Works Day last year. Seriously, how awesome is that?

7. She gives great feedback on projects. In fact, we’ve even changed a few things per her suggestion that have made projects even better.

8. Volunteering in her words: “A friend of mine calls herself the “selfish volunteer” because giving back makes her feel good. I would definitely put myself in that category. I volunteer because it’s fulfilling and enjoyable for me. I feel privileged to have the time and opportunities to offer contributions to my community in even the smallest way, and I love Seattle Works for helping make that possible!”

9. Her husband is participating in Seattle Works Day again this year. Holly can’t make it, so he’s representing their household – but not before she gives him a pep talk about being a stellar coordinator! Plus, she’ll be there in spirit.

10. She’s modest about her volunteering; when told she was chosen for this blog, she replied: “That’s so nice, and I don’t think I deserve it at all! There are so many stellar coordinators.”

Guess what, Holly? We think you’re stellar! 

Want to volunteer with Holly? Sign up for a few Hot Projects and you’ll be sure to meet her soon!

Stay tuned for more Seattle Works rock star recognition! 


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