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Spotlight on HandsOn Leadership’s Greg and Henry April 25, 2013

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In honor of national volunteer week we’re spotlight some of our awesome and outstanding volunteers! Greg Altmann and Henry Cheath graduated HandsOn Leadership in the fall of 2012. They immediately jumped into work with Shoreline Community College’s Parent Child Center on building a playground that was also an outdoor learning space. Despite obstacles the team has always preserved and is making great progress.

I contacted Darlene Bakes who is supervising the team to ask if she would write a few words about them. This is what she had to say:

Greg: It is obvious that when Greg commits to something he takes it very serious! His leadership skills have really made a positive impact on the upward success of the project. We also appreciate his technology expertise and organization  skills. We are grateful to have Greg on our team. His support in helping to create a natural playscape for young children will benefit our families and community for many years to come.

Henry: His positive attitude and energy is great! Henry’s easy going demeanor and interest in the project has been very helpful. We are lucky to have Henry on our team. His curiosity regarding the various components of outside play materials has been helpful. Henry’s support of the natural playscape project is helping us to move forward with the  many stages needed to complete project.


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