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Community Partners Make the World Go Round. April 26, 2013

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So – National Volunteer Week is still happening! And we have had a great time spotlighting some of our awesome volunteers. But, now it’s time to recognize our awesome community partners – the ones who work hard to keep their organizations ready for our volunteers!

One of our favorite places to volunteer is Marra Farm. We have numerous projects with them yearly (20 in 2012). After each project, our volunteers are eager to go back! So, what makes Marra Farm so special? Well…

– It’s an urban community farm that engages people in sustainable agriculture and education while enhancing local food security.

– Marra Farm generates tons of fresh, organic produce each year.

– In 2010, more than 1,800 volunteers contributed over 7,200 hours to help grow more than 22,000 pounds!

The food grown at Marra Farm goes to local residents and the senior lunch program through the Providence Regina House Food Bank, Mien senior citizens, and Concord Elementary School students and their families.

It’s easy to see why our volunteers enjoy working at Marra Farm so much – the farm gives back to the community in a huge way! But another main reason we all love working with them is because of the coordinators, Robin and Sue.

Robin and Sue have always been great to our volunteers – they make sure that each person working at the farm knows exactly what they are contributing to in the long run. This makes volunteers feel like they’re a part of something bigger – that they’re really making a difference. They’re also always on top of things, whether it’s applying for Team Works teams, connecting with hosts or scheduling Hot Projects.

The Seattle Works staff (and volunteers) would like to say thank you to Marra Farm for always keeping our volunteers engaged, excited and enthusiastic about giving back, and for providing them with an awesome way to do so!

Stay tuned for one more blog post in honor of National Volunteer Week – I know you want to!


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