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The Benefits of Being a Team Works Team Captain Are… May 2, 2013

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So, you volunteer – awesome. And then you see our Facebook post that encourages you to be a Team Works Team Captain. And you must be thinking: why would I do that? I already volunteer. How would being a Team Captain benefit me? Well, I’m glad you asked!

Below are a few reason why being a Team Captain is so rewarding:

– You get your friends and family involved in great volunteer projects!

– Your recruitment, leadership and communication skills are strengthened

– You get to spend an hour hanging out with me before the round begins at the Team Captain Orientation. Personally, I think this is the best perk – along with the food that’s provided

– You get to meet other Team Captains – and trust me, they’re all awesome

– You automatically have friend dates one Saturday every month – no backing out of this one!

– You’re in charge of planning social activities so you and your team get a chance to hang out and have some fun outside of projects!

Think this sounds awesome, but don’t think you can handle being a Team Captain on your own? No worries – co-captains are encouraged! Here’s a reason why co-captaining is just as fun:

“Co-captaining with a friend is a great way to minimize the workload and maximize the fun! I enjoy seeing all the friends I’ve made through Team Works outside of volunteering so I don’t mind being the social planner.” – Hillary Miller, co-captain of The Perennial Millennials.

Pumped to be a Team Captain? Perfect. Email Irina at to get started! The round kicks off with Team Captain Orientation Tues 5/21, the Kickoff Party Tues 6/11 and the first project of the round Sat 6/15!


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