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Microsoft Employees Join Seattle Works Day to Give Back and Have Fun! May 9, 2013

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SWD TeamMicrosoft has been a valued and generous partner to Seattle Works for many, many years – and this year is no exception.

Employees and friends/family of employees from Microsoft are forming three teams for Seattle Works Day!  They’ll be at:

Eckstein Middle School

A Seattle Public School that serves northeast Seattle students in the 6th, 7th and 8th grades. Volunteers will be removing ivy to improve the safety and visibility for students and school staff.  The look and feel of our schools is important and sends a message to the students, community and families that we encourage learning and growth for all students while providing a safe, clean and beautiful environment.  The schools would be unable to maintain all of their sites without the help of volunteers like those from Microsoft!

Kubota Gardens

This garden is located in South Seattle and is composed of 20 acres of hills and valleys featuring streams, waterfalls, ponds, rock outcroppings and an exceptionally rich and mature collection of plant material.Volunteers will be planting trees, weeding the forest and removing invasive plants to allow future children to play along a future trail site that will climb the moutainside trail in a more gradual route.Volunteers!

Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust

The Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust leads and inspires action to conserve and enhance the landscape from Seattle across the Cascade Mountains to Central Washington, ensuring a long-term balance between people and nature.  Volunteers will be helping us remove invasive species like blackberry and ivy along Issaquah Creek which will help improve the salmon habitat along the creek. Invasive plants are not conducive to a healthy salmon habitat and by removing them we will be helping them thrive.

Are you a Microsoft employee looking to join them? Great! Sign up now:

BIG THANKS to the team at Microsoft who has supported Seattle Works for so many years. We are very thankful to have their employees engaged with our community.

Seattle Works Day is Saturday, May 18th.  The volunteer projects run from noon – 3.30pm and then we head to Seattle Center for an AfterParty full of beer, tacos, ice cream and fun. If you don’t work for Microsoft, you can join the Seattle Works Team – we’d love to have you:

Hope to see you there!


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