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Accenture Makes a Lasting Impact May 14, 2013

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For 5+ years, Accenture has been a dedicated, valued partner of Seattle Works and Seattle Works Day.

75 Accenture employees, family & friends will gather this Saturday to, yet again, volunteer their time for a good cause. See the impact they’ve made the past three years through Seattle Works Day.


Accenture employees love giving back to their community.


They sure do love getting their hands dirty for a good cause!


So what will they be doing this year at Seattle Works Day?

This year is no different! The Accenture team will be getting dirty with Nature Consortium within Seattle’s largest contiguous forest removing invasive blackberry and working to mulch planting beds to ensure survival of native trees and shrubs for long term growth and establishment. Forest restoration is a long term project that requires constant maintenance and attention to ensure the best results in the long term.

A HUGE thank you to Accenture for making such a significant impact in our community!

Seattle Works Day is a mission-based fundraiser and our largest annual day of service. It is open to everyone! For more information and to sign up, check out our website. Sign Up Now! SWD is THIS Saturday, 5/18!


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