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Boeing REACHes the Community May 15, 2013

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Boeing continues to be an amazing partner and sponsor of Seattle Works. For years, Boeing  has supported our efforts in

community engagement with a Seattle Works Day sponsorship and team of 200+ volunteers in addition to the many other things they support throughout the year.

Boeing REACH, LDE and other employees have made a valuable impact in the Seattle community by giving their time and hands at Seattle Works Day for over five years.

This year, Boeing will be working at the Dr. Jose Rizal Off Leash Park in North Beacon Hill. They will be working to clear out a slope of blackberries, park maintenance and clean-up. The goal will be to relaunch the park once the clean-up is complete and gain back public support.

A very big thank you to Boeing for being such a dedicated partner. 

Seattle Works Day is THIS Saturday, May 18th.  The volunteer projects run from noon – 3.30pm and then we head to Seattle Center for an AfterParty full of beer, tacos, ice cream and fun. If you don’t work for Boeing you can join the Seattle Works Team – we’d love to have you:


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