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FedEx Delivers Volunteerism for Seattle Works Day May 16, 2013

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FedEx has been a great partner of Seattle Works Day for over 5 years, and this year they are bringing it again! Delivering quality volunteers while being a valued sponsor of Seattle Works.

This year, FedEx employees, friends and family will gather at the Brandon Street Nature Area to help improve the salmon and wildlife habitat. Removing invasive species, spreading mulch to increase soil fertility and maintaining the thousands of plants that have previously been installed by volunteers.

A HUGE thank you to the awesome people at FedEx for taking the time to give back to the community! 

Seattle Works Day is THIS Saturday, May 18th.  The volunteer projects run from noon – 3.30pm and then we head to Seattle Center for an AfterParty full of beer, tacos, ice cream and fun. If you don’t work for FedEx you can join the Seattle Works Team – we’d love to have you there! Sign-Up Now!


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