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Develop Your Board Leadership May 30, 2013

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I am excited to officially announce that Seattle Works will be piloting a new training program: The Bridge 201

With the assistance of one of our Bridge faculty members, Julie Bianchi, we will be unveiling a new, innovative training that is specifically tailored for the Millennial style of learning.

What is it? 

From The Bridge, Spring 2013

The Bridge 201 is a 6-hour advanced training course that will equip emerging leaders currently serving on boards with the practical framework and practice to become adaptive board leaders. By weaving together a training model tailored to the millennial learning style, participants will be better prepared to engage in authentic leadership and activate tangible impact as board members.

When is it?

The pilot session will be Tue 6/25 & Thu 6/27 6-9pm at the Hearing, Speech & Deafness Center in Capitol Hill.

Who can take the training?

Anyone who is currently serving on a board of directors.

Are there going to be formal presentations and slide-decks?

I know how tired of this type of training we all might be, so we have kicked them out of the equation! Developing your leadership skills is about public learning, discussions and doing your homework. That’s why you’ll only see a one or two slides in the whole 6-hours you’ll be with us. This training is all about participation, bringing together problem-solvers who want to discuss together what works, doesn’t work and gaining insights from each other. Yes, there will be pre-reading to do before the training as well as some homework in between sessions! It won’t be anything like your trigonometry homework in though, I promise! (Sorry to any of you math lovers out there!)

What will I learn? 

Ah! I am so glad you asked! Here are the learning outcomes broken up by session:

Session 1

  • Define the essential characteristics and skills common to leaders and the key roles of board members.
  • Define adaptive leadership.
  • Identify adaptive leaders and technical and adaptive challenges  in your own experiences.
  • Define the three modes of governance.
  • Produce a list of key questions in each mode of governance that board members should ask about internal and external challenges.

Session 2

  • List the qualities of an adaptive organization and a culture of inquiry.
  • Demonstrate the adaptive leadership skill of thinking politically.
  • Use the three key activities of adaptive leadership and three modes of governance in a board room simulation to navigate a complex challenge.
  • Describe the barriers to adaptive leadership and how to overcome each one.
  • Share three next steps for how you will take what you learned back to your board.

From The Bridge at Microsoft, Winter 2013

The group will be guided by the fantastic Julie Bianchi, who has been working on this curriculum as part of her Master of Nonprofit Leadership thesis at Seattle University.

Yea, but how much does it cost?

Great question! The Bridge 201 will have a modest fee of only $95 for general registration and $70 for LeadNOW members.

Now, doesn’t that sound like a productive way to spend a Tue & Thur evening? I think so! Sign-Up today to take the next step in your leadership development!


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