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The new park is making progress! June 1, 2013

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This past Tuesday the 28th a group of neighbors and local workers gathered to discuss the new park going up at 19th and Madison. The park is a community led process and our team of architects had drawn up a design based on in-person and online feedback from previous designs. The new design includes a bike rack, a slide, keeps the beautiful tree, and even has room for a potential food cart. Trader Joe’s generously donated food for the event, and interpretation services were also donated.IMG_8458

Since the park is community led it relies heavily on volunteers- which means there are tons of ways to get involved. There are 4 action teams: outreach and community engagement, fundraising, design, and interim use. Get involved and e-mail to find out more! IMG_8459

In the next couple of weeks we’ll be working on the naming process and starting our fundraising efforts. We always need more volunteers so find out how you can get involved.


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