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Volunteer, Boost your career! June 2, 2013

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We hope we don’t have to sell you on most of the merits of volunteering–serving your community, meeting new friends–but have you thought about how volunteering can actually improve your work life? Whether you’re new to the workforce or looking to make a job change, volunteering is a fantastic way to explore your options, expand your network and build up skills.

Seattle Works’ Program Manager Katie recently spoke about the professional benefits, particularly for those early in their careers, of giving back in an article for Levo League: “7 Ways Busy, Young Professionals Can Volunteer (no matter how busy you are)“.

What were the biggest lessons? 1) Give your time with as much discretion as you give your money–volunteer with causes that you care most about and in roles that are most meaningful to you, and 2) Use volunteering as a way to “keep exercising your leadership skills…when your job might not offer you opportunities” to do so yet.

How has your volunteer experience helped YOU prepare for the workforce?


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