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Are you reaching young people? July 6, 2013

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Fission recently had a great article on engaging millennials in nonprofits! Starting with that ever familiar story to any of us that have walked past a college campus or through downtown of getting accosted by canvassers. Anyone else who feels that pang of guilt walking silently past someone who asks me if I care about the environment? (I do, but I don’t want to give you money or listen to your spiel!)

But how do we actually want to hear from awesome nonprofits like you? According to a figure the article cited “Millennials ages 20-35, only 17% preferred learning about nonprofits through face-to-face interactions, versus 65% wanting to learn from nonprofit websites, 55% from social media and 47% from e-newsletters.”

The article then explains some awesome key strategies- like having multiple channels! At Seattle Works we know that works- our same content is posted on the blog, twitter, and facebook to make sure we reach the most people possible and make the content digestible.

What have you found to work well your social media strategies? How do you make your website easy to navigate?

And maybe most importantly- have you adjusted to the smart phone age? So many people have that as a primary source of information now and we haven’t adjusted. But that’s the way of the future- so what are you doing?


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