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Blast From The Seattle Works Day Past! July 11, 2013

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Seattle Works Day was almost two months ago (and it was E-P-I-C), but we’re still getting tons of thank yous, pictures, emails, and – yes – flyers! Below is a flyer made by the coordinator for the Dr. Jose Rizal Off-Leash Area project on SWD.

Read on to see the wonderful impact just one (out of 37) of our projects made!


“Saturday May 18th was a historic day at Dr. Jose Rizal Off-Leah Area. An army of amazing volunteers took to the slopes of this park and helped remove over 1/3 of an acre of invasive plants. They also created protective mulch rings around over 30 trees, spread over 50 yards of wood chips in various locations, weeded, pruned, cut and mulched a pedestrian trail along the south fence line and completely overhauled the water drainage basin. These volunteers spent over 712 volunteer hours reviving the land. This once forgotten dog park is on its way to being one of the top 10 sites to visit in Seattle.” 

Pretty great, right? If you participated in any aspect of Seattle Works Day, go ahead and pat yourself on the back again. It’s clear that Seattle Works Day is not only a great way to volunteer with your friends, family and coworkers (and get some free beer afterwards), but it’s also a day where the community appreciates and recognizes the amazing work you do all year long. Saving a park like this one is also, you know, pretty freakin’ awesome!

Haven’t had a chance to send us your pictures? Upload them to our Flickr group or email!

Want to see how everyone’s project went? Experience it through tagboard!

Have comments about your experience? We’d love to hear ’em – just fill out this survey!


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