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The Primary Election is Coming Up – Are You Informed? July 18, 2013

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Tuesday night was a one-two political punch! First we attended CityClub’s Mayoral Debate at the downtown library, followed by Washington Bus’s Candidate Survivor at Showbox at the Market.

city club debatesurvivor(photos courtesy of Deborah Wang/KUOW Photo)

The two events presented information regarding the Primary Election in VERY different contexts. For example, at Candidate Survivor, we learned that Peter Steinbrueck is the only candidate who has (admittedly) gone skinny-dipping in Lake Washington.

The agenda of the quick, ninety minute CityClub event was driven by the audience, both in advance to determine the topics and during the debate, as each audience member had cards to hold up to choose which candidate needed to elaborate on their ideas. One hot topic among the candidates was the selection of Seattle’s next police chief. They agreed that the police force needs to be held accountable for their actions on the job.

Following the debate, six mayoral candidates let their guard down and participated in Candidate Survivor, presented by The Washington Bus. McGinn, Murray, Harrell, Steinbrueck, Martin, and Gray all vied to gain support from the young people of Seattle. Currently, 48% of Seattle residents are UNDER the age of 35.

This was also an audience-driven event. After each round, the audience had the chance to text in to choose which candidates “survived” to the next round. McGinn, Murray, and Harrell all made it to the final round, with McGinn eventually winning Candidate Survivor.

Mayoral Debate                                            Candidate Survivor


Look for your Primary Election ballot in the mail!

Be informed.

The Seattle Voter’s Guide:

The Municipal League of King County Candidate Ratings:

Track your ballot! They’re on their way:

Mark your calendars for One Stop Ballot Shop – Tues 10/15 for the General Election.


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