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MCON2013: Millennials and Nonprofits July 19, 2013

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Yesterday was an exciting day of conversation and thought provoking ideas on mobilizing the Millennial generation. MCON2013 featured 15 speakers, ranging from the woman who oversees NPR’s social media marketing strategy to the man who co-founded the Yes To brand (ever heard of Yes to Cucumber face wash anyone?) to Sophia Bush.


Seattle Works had the opportunity to listen in on this conference!


Why Millennials?

As Millennials age into the real world, we are taking the social sector by storm in new ways. Millennials work collaboratively, interactively, and entrepreneurially to affect positive change. We have grown up with a plethora of learning and technology. This is a connected generation that prefers to work alongside peers, friends, and colleagues to bring about change.



This conference is an annual event sponsored by Achieve Guidance. The question is: are nonprofits and institutions ready for Millennials?



MCON2013 Highlights:

-83% of Millennials connect using smartphones

-49% of mobile Twitter users are between the age of 18 and 34

-75% of Millennials like, retweet, or share content on social media

-Millennials respond to emotion and make decisions upon the value groups they most strongly identify

-Millennials get involved to follow passions, meet people, and gain expertise


Millennial Impact Report 2013 Highlights:

-Millennials want their contributions to help achieve tangible results for a cause

-Websites and search engines are primarily used by Millennials for info-gathering, finding volunteer opportunities, and donating online

-They will act quickly in a number of ways to volunteer- as long as the opportunities are present and the barriers to entry are low

-Peer influence plays a huge role in motivating Millennials to volunteer, attend events, and give

-Millennials are most likely to get hands-on with causes when organizations offer a range of volunteer opportunities


Hear what Millennials are saying:

Achieve Guidance:



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