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Companies now offering paid time off for volunteering August 15, 2013

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Corporations are now finding out that one way to increase employee retention and community engagement is by having their employees VOLUNTEER!

Companies are not simply encouraging employees to give back in their free time, but some are starting to offer paid time off for personnel to connect with the community through service. In 2007, 20% of businesses were offering PTO for volunteer work, and this number has been steadily rising.

A general acceptance that Millennials are more likely to involve themselves rather than writing a check is one factor that is driving this movement towards service. Yet another is that since the economy is sluggish, people are incorporating engagement as a giving strategy.

We encourage you to get the conversation started. Talk to your employers about offering a similar program, because not only are you serving your community, but also overall engagement and retention rates within your company are being positively affected. You would have the opportunity to prosper both professionally and civically.

VisaVisa corporate project, 2012


Seattle Works can help you engage on the personal level or on the corporate level. If you prefer one-time commitments, we have Hot Projects. Would you rather work with a group of people over a 4-month period? Try Team Works.  We also coordinate corporate projects which allow you to serve alongside coworkers.

Learn more:

Hot Projects

Team Works



Read this article from the Washington Post!


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