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Look Who Got Swanky at the Preview Party! August 22, 2013

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Swank Preview Party was earlier this week… and it was awesome!  Just over 50 people gathered to hear more about Seattle Works, what we have planned for Swank this year and to soak up some August sunshine.

We had wine tasting, tasty appetizers, good company, games and prizes.


Wanna play the quick game from the party? We’d love you to!

  1. How many Hot Projects has Seattle Works hosted this summer (June – August)?
  2. How many people have been trained through The Bridge since the program began in 2005?
  3. How many nonprofits have we partnered with or served in the last two years?
  4. How many people participated in this year’s Seattle Works Day?
  5. In what year was Seattle Works founded?

The questions are hard, but the answers are below (so you can cheat – we’re all for it).  We also previewed a handful of the items guests at Swank can bid on this year including:

  • Private Party for 40 at Grim’s
  • Live Taping of THE SOUP!
  • Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
  • Russian Vodka Party
  • Snowshoe trip for 10
  • $100 of Dogs – Po Dogs that is
  • One month at Bar Method
  • … and MORE!

Check out the full description of the items and others:   We’ll continue adding to this list as we get closer to the event, so check back.

If you have an item that you’d like to donate to Swank, we’d love to have it. It’s a great opportunity to get your product or business in front of 400 of Seattle’s emerging leaders.  You can contact us ( or fill out this quick form.


Have you grabbed your tickets to Swank yet? Go for it! Swank is Saturday, October 12th at Fremont Studios and we don’t want you to miss out:



1.61 Hot Projects, 2.1266 Bridge grads, 3. 263 nonprofits 4. 1126 Seattle Works Day participants 5. 1989 is when we were founded (almost 25 years ago!)


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