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Team Works Through Word of Mouth! August 28, 2013

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I constantly talk about how awesome Team Works is — and I’m not lying. But if I’ve learned one thing at Seattle Works, it’s that hearing things through word of mouth (preferably from the mouth of someone super cool) is the best way to get people involved. So, without further ado, here is a compilation of tweets that show a day in the life of a Team Works teammate:

“We put the anchors on our kiwi arbor on backwards…. we’ll fix it! @SeattleWorks#teamworks #theperennialmillenials

“Weeding the spinach! @SeattleWorks#teamworks #perennialmillenials

“I told you we’d fix it! Just flipped the board on top. @SeattleWorks #teamworks #perennialmillenials

“Building a kiwi arbor for Marra Farms! @SeattleWorks #teamworks#theperennialmillenials

“The flowers are so pretty at Marra Farms!!! @SeattleWorks #teamworks#theperennialmillenials

“We’re working on recruiting some independent vounteers to our team. @SeattleWorks#teamworks #theperennialmillenials

“Finishing up by planting some lettuce! Thanks for another great project, Marra Farms! @SeattleWorks #teamworks


PM3   PM


As you can see, by becoming a Team Works volunteer, you get to experience many emotions:

1. Happiness — obviously from weeding!

2. Accomplishment — who doesn’t love fixing things?! Can you say hero?

3. Awe and appreciation — sometimes it’s difficult to find time to appreciate nature. Well, when you spend 4 hours in a garden you do!

4. Inspiration — meeting other volunteers that aren’t a part of Team Works and talking about it helps promote and inspire others to get involved regularly. And who knows — maybe they’ll even join your team next round!

5. Understanding — when you’re all finished with the project, you have an understanding of the organization and why the work that you’ve done is so important. There’s no better feeling.

Now that you’ve seen the action via tweets, are you ready to join Team Works, volunteer with a group of like-minded and fun individuals, all while giving back to your community? I thought so. Email Irina:, or visit our Team Works page to learn more!


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