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Countdown to Swank: Dessert Dash September 7, 2013

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The most decadent portion of Swank, the Dessert Dash, is a favorite every year among attendees.

Never heard of a dessert dash before? Here’s how it works:

You begin by browsing a table loaded with desserts—from sweet to salty, and everything in-between.  Hello gorgeous!


After cruising the desserts, you will return to your table where everybody has the chance to decide how much they would like to bid.  Each table’s total bid is then collected by a runner. Each table only knows the amount they donated—not that of any other table.

Once all the amounts are tallied, the table with the highest combined bid gets to visit the dessert table first, and stake claim to their dessert.  Make sure you pick someone who is ready to run because all of the other tables will be making a mad dash for the desserts too!

Later the dessert is plated and served for your table to indulge in.  This becomes quite competitive and we fully support friendly competition at Swank.


We would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to all of the bakeries and bakers who have donated (and continue to donate!) items for the Dessert Dash!

Interested in donating? You still have time! Fill out this quick form or contact

PS – if you haven’t gotten your tickets for Swank yet, what are you waiting for?


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