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Wishing #SWBevin a Fond Farewell September 11, 2013

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Say it ain’t so! After nearly four years of outstanding service, Bevin Wong is moving on up to the next phase of her career.

And because no one likes a boo-hoo blog post, least of all the ever-sunny Bevin, we’re going to focus on all the good that has come of her time on our staff. Including…

Four Seattle Works Days! That’s about 4,500 volunteers, $260,000 in support for Seattle Works and an unfathomable number of t-shirts, tacos and keg cups.

A truckload of corporate projects! From Starbucks to Starwood she’s delivered outstanding customer service and connected our partners with high quality volunteer days.

– Three “Rock Star” Campaigns! Before 2010, we had never raised a significant amount of money from individual donors (other than current and former board members) outside of our events. Over the past three years our annual campaign has grown to raising $17,000 from more than 250 donors, fueled by an enthusiastic army of SW volunteers asking their networks to invest in us.

One website conversion! (thanks for not quitting then B.)

Three election seasons! We’ve improv’d, we’ve trivia’d, and we’ve mixed and mingled with the goal to connect YOU with the candidates and issues on your ballot.

Approximately 156 Weekly Updates! Plus eblasts, plus fb posts, plus tweets, plus blogs. Best of all, Bevin honed her craft as our online content lead and then trained and mobilized everyone our on team to communicate as Seattle Works across our channels.

Though it all, Bevin has been one incredible team player. It’s not just about what Bevin has done, it’s how she’s done it. She’s brought dedication, professionalism, flexibility, reliability and an non-stop positive attitude. It’s hard not to enjoy working with someone who laughs so easily.

We’re excited for you Bevin. We’re sad.

And we’re a little jealous that you get to drink at Swank this year and we don’t.

With great appreciation, The Seattle Works team

We will miss you!


3 Responses to “Wishing #SWBevin a Fond Farewell”

  1. Kari Says:

    Congrats!! Where is she off to next?

  2. Erin Says:

    Aww! Congrats Bevin! Will definitely miss you! 🙂

  3. tylerbosma Says:

    Can I get a witness?!?! Cheers!!!

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