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Becky Chen enjoys running at Greenlake and Lake Union September 30, 2013

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Line #2 Baking/Condiments, Snacks, and Meal in a Box.1. Name: Becky Chen

Neighborhood: Ravenna

Occupation: Finance

Years in Seattle: Born & raised

2. Where is your favorite place to go in Seattle?

Greenlake & Lake Union for running. Capitol Hill, Queen Anne, Belltown, and Ballard for good restaurants and occasional nightlife

3. Your first interaction with Seattle Works was…?

Joining a Teamworks team in January 2009.  After that, I became a regular member of Mr. Miyagi’s Juju!

4. What’s the best meal you’ve eaten in the Seattle area?

Too many to name, but the first one that comes to mind is the 4-course supper @ Staple & Fancy Mercantile.  Amazing variety of flavors!

5. Are you involved with any other Seattle nonprofit organizations?

Seattle Works is my main one!  Other ones I’ve been involved with in the past are United Way King County and the Artsfund

6. Which coffee shop do you most frequent?

If I have time my favorites are Espresso Vivace, Zoka, or Victrola.  Usually I’m  in a hurry and Starbucks is easy to access, and they have good rewards.

7. What three words best describe your experience with Seattle Works?

teamwork, friends, community

8. Mariners, Sounders, or Seahawks?

Sounders…since I think soccer’s the most interesting to watch

9. What is your most (or first) memorable volunteer experience?

The most recent memorable experience was Operation Nightwatch in June, where we cleaned the apartments and the common areas for the low-income seniors that lived there.  It was great to see the difference we could make in a few hours to their daily lives, and to hear their stories..

10. What makes someone a Seattleite?

-loves coffee  -loves the outdoors and goes skiing, hiking, biking, or related activities  -owns more than a couple pieces of North Face, Patagonia, or Arc’teryx gear  -doesn’t usually have an umbrella on hand  -drives a Subaru, SUV…or a hybrid car  -lives in Seattle proper

This weekly 10 question profile is Seattle Works way of highlighting and saying THANK YOU to all that our volunteers, leaders, community partners, board members, committee members, etc do for our community! We’re asking the same 10 questions to various Seattle Works participants as a fun way to feature the different ways to be involved with Seattle Works and in Seattle.

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P.S. In case you’re interested, the inspiration behind these interviews comes from NY Mag’s weekly blog post.


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