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Why your organization needs a HandsOn Leadership team October 4, 2013

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Most of our nonprofit partners know Seattle Works best for sending in crews of hard-working volunteers to tackle all of their best done-in-a-day projects–but did you know we train project managers to take on 3-6 month projects at these organizations, too?
That’s right–we have teams of project managers ready to tackle your organization’s to-do list. Through our HandsOn Leadership program, Seattle Works takes volunteers who want to take their service to the next level, and equips them with the skills they need to make your organization’s projects a reality. What have our HandsOn Leadership teams accomplished? They’ve:

  • Planned and managed the building of outdoor classrooms and playgrounds at a local schools and childcare centers
  • Helped organizations define and expand their volunteer recruitment and training strategies
  • Created outreach materials and developed social media and communications plans

And so much more! Are you ready for a HandsOn Leadership team? Great! In exchange for a team of trained project managers, we ask that project hosts:

  • Provide a vision for a 3-6 month project with a clear start and end date, mission and deliverables
  • Have the resources to support and manage a team and provide access to these resources for the duration of the project

Our Fall 2013 HandsOn Leadership projects kick off on November 20 and we’re accepting project applications until October 14. If you’re interested in learning more or would like the link to our application page, contact Katie Tiehen at



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