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Hi, my name is Jessica! November 15, 2013

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Hello Seattle Works! My name is Jessica Frederick and I am joining the community as the Development and Communications Manager!

Volunteerism was my first step through the door to the nonprofit sector. Growing up, my family deeply valued community involvement; whether it was with the Girl Scouts of America or the Seattle Shakespeare Company, my childhood was full of rich, meaningful volunteer activities.

Deciding to pursue volunteerism professionally, I joined the Seattle Opera and Pacific Northwest Ballet as a Volunteer Coordinator. “Do you want to sign up for a Nutcracker performance?” is still a regressive go-to for starting a conversation. (No really, do you?)

I am thrilled to connect with this amazing organization, and our many nonprofit partners and community stakeholders, and I want to know what you value and prize in your own connection to Seattle Works.

Non-professionally, I just had a huge revelation the other day getting to know a co-worker. His challenge? He could decipher my personality by the TV shows I watched. I rattled off the list: Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Boardwalk Empire, The 329_604943022278_9734_nLeague/Workaholics, Archer, etc. After a thoughtful pause, he returned with the assessment, “so you’re a frat guy.”

Frat guy.

Somewhere, a mental “ding-ding-ding!” sounded and I came to the fabulous realization that, indeed, this sci-fi-nerdy, arts-obsessed girl was indeed, half-frat guy. So let’s grab a coffee, talk sports (Go Hawks, Dawgs, Sounders!), and get to know why Seattle Works is important to you.

Phone: 206.324.0808 ext 6


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