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Guest Post: Frause takes to the streets for the arts! November 20, 2013

FRAUSE, Nov 15 —

Emily and Callen didn’t let any piece of trash slip by.

This past Saturday, Callen, Emily and I spent the afternoon at Fremont Abbey Arts Center, volunteering with our Team Works photo-61-e1384557616494-225x300group, a community volunteer arm of Seattle Works. Built in 1914 as a church, Fremont Abbey is now a nonprofit organization that puts on arts and cultural events, shows, workshops and trainings for people of all ages and incomes.

The Fremont Abbey is run in large part by volunteers and relies on help from groups like ours to set-up and execute arts and cultural programs for the community. As an attendee of some of their programs, including The Rounds, it was great to give back to an organization that is a vital part of the Seattle arts community.

Our task list for the afternoon was long.  After scrubbing down windows, walls and floors, we sanded down doors, painted a hallway and then took to tackling autumn leaves that had accumulated in walkways and stairways outside. We ended the day by cleaning up Fremont and 43rd streets, with trash-pickers in-hand and many “thank you’s” from the locals.

Of course the afternoon would not have been complete without some delicious (and messy!) sandwiches from Paeso, conveniently located right across the street.

We’re looking forward to our next Team Works day in December!


For more information on Frause:frause_logo

About: Frause is a fully-integrated communications firm providing a comprehensive suite of services from public relations and marketing to social media and digital design.

For more information on Team Works:
Phone: 206.324.0808


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