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Donate to Swank 2014! July 30, 2014

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We’ve got the Millennials and emerging leaders. You’ve got the sweet product, can’t-miss service, or vacation package. Let Seattle Works help you meet your goals and gain exposure with this hot demographic.

We’d love to see your name on our ever-expanding list of unique auction items. Here’s how we’ll thank you from the rooftops:

–    Acknowledgement and thanks at our exclusive auction preview party (~50 high-level, VIP attendees)
–    Recognition in our swanky auction catalog (400+ attendees)

Thank you for believing in our volunteers and community programs. We look forward to raising money together to celebrate 25 years of Seattle Works in high style!

** Fill out a procurement form today – deadline 9/12/2014! **

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Don’t You Forget About Me July 28, 2014

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The DukeEngage group enjoying the view of the water from a spot near UW campus.

The DukeEngage group enjoying the view of the water from a spot near UW campus.

Hi everyone! It’s Martha reporting in on how the DukeEngage experience with Seattle Works is going. Hard to believe, but my internship with Seattle Works is just over halfway through! I’ve been having a blast with everyone here in the office, as well as everyone else in the DukeEngage group.

As we go through the summer, the DukeEngage program has each of us take turns writing weekly blog posts. Below is an excerpt from my blog post shared last week. 

“If you think about it, all of the students in DukeEngage are kind of just thrown together because of a commonality between them — much like the students in The Breakfast Club. Though, admittedly, our commonality is extremely cooler than theirs. Much like the students in The Breakfast Club, we all get along with each other, hang out with each other, and include each other in opportunities to do things together. I think this has helped foster a sense of community between everyone in the program, and has created friendships between people that otherwise may have not have come to be. Despite these similarities to The Breakfast Club, DukeEngage offers qualities that set it apart — presenting the opportunity to create longer-lasting friendships. For starters, DukeEngage is longer than a Saturday spent in detention. Under the surface, our commonality is stronger than theirs. Sure, on the surface, it’s that we are all in DukeEngage, but we are also all here for the same reason. We are here to do service and to help non-profit organizations in Seattle. We are all experiencing new things, some of them together for the first time. This also, I believe, will allow our friendships to outlast those in The Breakfast Club.

Our relationships with each other are not the only ones we are forming during our time here. We also have relationships with our community partners. These relationships are just as important to maintain once our time here is over. This is again similar to The Breakfast Club situation. All of us in DukeEngage were placed with a non-profit, which without the program, probably would not have happened. It is important that we take advantage of this opportunity while it lasts. If any of us are interested in joining the non-profit sector after graduation, this connection could be crucial to finding the perfect fit for a job. Or perhaps, there might even be an opening at the same organization that would fit you, allowing you to come back to your current organization. In order to take advantage of these opportunities, and many more that I’m sure I’m not even aware of at this point, we must make the relationships we form here more meaningful than those in The Breakfast Club.”

If you are interested in reading more about how I plan to make my relationships more meaningful than those in The Breakfast Club, or about what the other DukeEngage interns are up to at other nonprofits in Seattle, feel free to read up on DukeEngage’s blog!


Auction Intern Extraordinaire: Meet Nicole! July 16, 2014

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Seattle Works is excited to announce that Nicole Angus will be joining our Swank team this year! She’ll be an integral leader as we begin planning the swankiest auction around. Let’s get to know this rising superstar in fundraising:


“Following my graduation from Whitman College in 2011, I nicolehave spent several years exploring different facets of nonprofit operations and fundraising at The Polyclinic, where I currently coordinate the for-profit clinic’s corporate giving efforts and the affiliated non-profit foundation’s program-development, fundraising, and communications activities. Having recently completed the University of Washington’s Certificate in Fundraising Management, I’m now excited to help implement Swank, an event larger than any I’ve yet managed. Moreover, as a native Seattleite, I’m ecstatic and grateful for this opportunity to learn from and contribute to Seattle Works’ energetic, engaged community. I hope you’ll join us at Swank as we celebrate both Seattle Works’ extensive impact and you, the people who make that impact possible!” – Nicole


Learn more about Swank 2014 here!