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The Primary Election is Coming Up – Are You Informed? July 18, 2013

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Tuesday night was a one-two political punch! First we attended CityClub’s Mayoral Debate at the downtown library, followed by Washington Bus’s Candidate Survivor at Showbox at the Market.

city club debatesurvivor(photos courtesy of Deborah Wang/KUOW Photo)

The two events presented information regarding the Primary Election in VERY different contexts. For example, at Candidate Survivor, we learned that Peter Steinbrueck is the only candidate who has (admittedly) gone skinny-dipping in Lake Washington.

The agenda of the quick, ninety minute CityClub event was driven by the audience, both in advance to determine the topics and during the debate, as each audience member had cards to hold up to choose which candidate needed to elaborate on their ideas. One hot topic among the candidates was the selection of Seattle’s next police chief. They agreed that the police force needs to be held accountable for their actions on the job.

Following the debate, six mayoral candidates let their guard down and participated in Candidate Survivor, presented by The Washington Bus. McGinn, Murray, Harrell, Steinbrueck, Martin, and Gray all vied to gain support from the young people of Seattle. Currently, 48% of Seattle residents are UNDER the age of 35.

This was also an audience-driven event. After each round, the audience had the chance to text in to choose which candidates “survived” to the next round. McGinn, Murray, and Harrell all made it to the final round, with McGinn eventually winning Candidate Survivor.

Mayoral Debate                                            Candidate Survivor


Look for your Primary Election ballot in the mail!

Be informed.

The Seattle Voter’s Guide:

The Municipal League of King County Candidate Ratings:

Track your ballot! They’re on their way:

Mark your calendars for One Stop Ballot Shop – Tues 10/15 for the General Election.


Election Committee Debriefs and Looks To Next Year! November 3, 2012

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Thursday night the dedicated volunteers of the Election Committee met across the alley from the gum wall to debrief our election season events and their experience on the committee!

We discussed what went well at One Stop Ballot Shop:

– attendance (over 275 people)!

– location: Seattle Center was awesome

– photo booth was a hit

– candidate participation was impressive and appreciated

– and the list goes on for pages…

And we talked about what we should improve upon next year:

– different interactive elements to keep things lively

– better understanding of what people want out of the event

– more outreach earlier on so that we can include more groups into one event instead of having multiple debate watch parties across the city

– and so much more!

From left: Holly, Anna, Ivan, Jessica, Bevin, Megan and Carlo

And because we’re Seattle Works, and the quality of volunteer experience we provide is incredibly important to us, we asked for feedback on their committee experience.  We have some things to work on, like a longer lead time for planning, more actionable items for each member of the committee and working meetings.  Overall though, there was a lot of pride in the event that these volunteers crafted and executed!

The committee is amped about the mayoral race coming at us next year, but for now we have a current election to focus on!  If you’re interested in getting involved with this awesome (and fun) group of people, email and we’ll get you connected early next summer.

BIG THANKS to the committee volunteers: Ivan Barron, Neely Beltran, Anna Boone, Carlo Caldirola-Davis, Holly Decker, Nathan Hambley, Jessica Jones, Eric Shellan, and Megan Szerwo!


Informed Voting is the Best! Recap of One Stop Ballot Shop October 18, 2012

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Tuesday night featured a debate double header! First up was the Presidential Debate followed up by the Gubernatorial Debate (aka the Washington State race for Governor). We livened things up a little by adding interactive polling, a live twitterwall, raffle prizes, sound off station for people to give their thoughts to the next governor, a photo booth, food vendors and of course a beer garden.

We had a great turn out! Over 275 interested people came out to watch the debate with fellow community members. Plus a ton of candidates and measure representatives to talk to people about what they’ll be voting on. See the full list below! This kind of involvement and turnout warms our civic heart.

Our live twitterfall and polling questions were entertaining.  Check out our storify recap! Or search for #1StopBallotShop to see it all.

And we got some great photos! Thanks to Seattle PI for sending a photographer and capturing great shots of the event.

We even had news coverage! King5 did a story on the event and captured the thoughts from both sides. Big thanks to the folks at King5 and Natalie Swaby for coming out and covering the story.

The One Stop Photo Op was a hit!


Round of applause for our volunteer committee for help making this event possible: Ivan Barron, Neely Beltran, Anna Boone, Carlo Caldirola-Davis, Jacob Day, Holly Decker, Nathan Hambley, Jessica Jones, Eric Shellan and committee lead: Megan Szerwo.

And thank you to our partners at The Next50, Seattle Center and CityClub!

 Thank you to all the candidates and ballot measures that joined us!

-Ron Bemis, US Congress 7th Congressional District

-Jim McDermott, US Congress 7th Congressional District

-Bob Hasegawa, State Senate 11th Legislative District

-Kristin Thompson, State Senate 11th Legislative District

-Reuven Carlyle, State Representative 36th Legislative District (Pos 1)

-Noel Frame, State Representative 36th Legislative District (Pos 2)

-Gael Tarleton, State Representative 36th Legislative District (Pos 2)

-Steve Strachan, King County Sheriff

-John Urquhart, King County Sheriff

-Sheryl Gordon McCloud, State Supreme Court, Justice Position 9

-Yes on 1240, Charter Schools Initiative

-No on 1240, Charter Schools Initiative

-People for our Public Schools, no on 1240, Charter Schools Initiative

-Vote No on 1-502, Marijuana legalization

-New Approach Washington, yes on I-502, Marijuana legalization

-Preserve Marriage Washington, no on Referendum 74: same-sex marriage

-Washington United for Marriage, yes on Referendum 74: same-sex marriage

Did you make it? What did you think? We’d love to hear. Email


Ballot Party Recap! August 2, 2012

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First of all, thanks to everyone who helped make our Ballot Party last night a success!   Thanks to everyone who took the time out of their evening to come out, and special thanks to all the volunteers on our Election Committee for planning the event and making it happen!

The happy hour Ballot Party was hosted by Seattle Works and took place at the Nabob on 819 5th Avenue North in Queen Anne.  Guests came out for a fun evening of mixing and mingling with fellow voters while learning about the election and having a few drinks.

Don’t worry if you missed out though, because we’ll be planning more election related activities in the near future..  Just follow us and keep a look out for what’s to come.

Lastly, a reminder that Primary Ballots must be postmarked by August 7!


Voter Registration On Facebook, First for WA! July 27, 2012

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Here’s some cool election policy news for the state of Washington!

“Washington State will become the first in the nation to use Facebook for voter registration. The secretary of state will soon unveil an application on its Facebook page that allows residents to register to vote and then “like” the application and recommend it to their friends, according to this Seattle Times article. While you’re at it, make sure you like United Way of King County too!”

Public Policy Update,United Way of King County

While we’re on the topic, here’s some important dates to note on your calendars:

Primary Election

July 30 – Deadline for new Washington State voter registration (in person only)

August 7 – Primary

General Election

October 8 – Deadline for voter registration, address change and other updates

October 19 – Start of 18-day voting period (through Election Day).  Ballots are mailed out and Accessible Voting Units (AVUs) are available at voting centers.

October 29 Deadline for new Washington State voter registration (in person only)

November 6 – General Election

For my voting information, visit


Washington State Gubernatorial Candidates Accept Invitation to Participate in Next 50 Debate 2.0! June 4, 2012

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Seattle Works has been partnering with lots of great community groups over the past few months to work on Civic Action Month for the Next 50 celebration which is happening in October 2012 at Seattle Center.

One of the key events of that month will be the Debate 2.0 Gubernatorial Debate! Stay tuned for more information, but this will be a can’t miss event with both an in person and online piece designed to give you a non-traditional debate.

What does that mean? It means audience participation, talking about the issues you care about – not arguing about them, it means making it accessible to both the politically active and yet to be politically active, and much more!

Full Press Release:

May 2012

Organizers of the Debate 2.0 gubernatorial debate event announced today that both major candidates for Governor have accepted invitations to participate in a unique debate event. Following Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna’s acceptance on Mar 26 of the Next 50 Debate 2.0 invitation, former U.S. Representative Jay Inslee accepted and confirmed the live and online event set for October 2012 in the Intiman Playhouse at Seattle Center.


A coalition of more than a dozen civic groups is producing Debate 2.0, and more than 200 institutional supporters and nearly 700 community volunteers of the Next 50 support the event. The goal of 2.0 is to build a culture of civic engagement around election debates, where citizens are active participants.


“You’re not being a Good Citizen just because you listen to both attack ads before voting,” said Mike Mathieu, Chairman of Front Seat, and co-chair of the Debate 2.0 Organizing Committee.


Debate 2.0 starts by rethinking the very structure and process of these vital civic events, reimagining debates as conversations, implementing several structural innovations and adding innovative technology that encourages meaningful dialogue between candidates and citizens — and between citizens themselves.


“Debate 2.0 lets candidates hear from citizens too. It’s less about winning and losing the debate, and more about informing and engaging citizens,” said Diane Douglas, Executive Director of CityClub, and co-chair of the Debate 2.0 Organizing Committee and Next 50 Civic Action Month.


In support of this format, the candidates will simultaneously address a large live audience of 450, a broadcast audience on Q13 FOX, and an online audience throughout the state. Q13 FOX Political Correspondent C.R. Douglas will facilitate the event.


“We’re very excited to be working with Next 50 on something that is so important to the future of our state.  Thanks to C.R. Douglas and the unique format built to engage the people our next Governor will serve, this event will be the definitive debate of the fall at the perfect time to give voters the information they need to make their choice and get that ballot in the mail,” said Q13 Fox News Director Jon Brady.


Debate 2.0 partner organizations include: CityClub, Ashoka Seattle, City of Seattle Department of Neighborhoods, Compassionate Action Network, Countrywide Community Forums, Front Seat, Humanities Washington, Puget Sound Civic Communication Commons, Seattle Works, Social Venture Partners, Transportation Alliance, True Patriot Network, University of Washington Department of Communications Digital Media Program, Washington Bus.


Debate 2.0 is the centerpiece event of the concluding month of the Next 50, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair. The month’s theme, Civic Action, is planned to precede the November elections. For more information on The Next Fifty and Seattle Center, visit or call 206 684-7200.


About Seattle Center, The Next Fifty, and Debate 2.0

Since its beginning 50 years ago, Seattle Center has served as a cultural and civic gathering place at the core of our region. In 2012, The Next Fifty at Seattle Center celebrates the 50th anniversary of the 1962 World’s Fair and the physical legacy it left. The 74-acre Seattle Center campus, home to more than 30 cultural, educational, sports and entertainment organizations presenting nearly 5,000 events annually, exists to delight and inspire the human spirit in each person and bring together our rich and varied community. The 12 million visits to Seattle Center each year generate $1.15 billion in business activity and $387 million in labor income for King County.


Next 50 premier partners include:  Bartell Drugs, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Coca-Cola, Grousemont Foundation, Microsoft, Samsung, Seattle Center Monorail, T-Mobile, TPN (The Production Network) and World Vision. Funding and participating partners include:  206 Inc., 4Culture, City of Seattle, Global Health Nexus, Hill & Knowlton Strategies, KOMO 4 TV, KUOW 94.9 Public Radio, One to the World, Safeco Insurance:  A Liberty Mutual Company, Seattle Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs, Sheraton Seattle Hotel and Washington Economic Development Commission.


Tomorrow Night’s Lineup! October 17, 2011

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We’re throwing an improv show for YOU at the Triple Door tomorrow night with the hilarious peeps at Jet City Improv.  We guarantee that you’ll leave knowing more about what is on your General Election ballot, and we promise multiple laughs.  Not too shabby for a Tuesday night!

Whose Ballot


Tomorrow night! Tues 10/18 6.30pm

Triple Door Musicquarium Lounge – 216 Union Street



The candidates & issues who will be there (or be represented there)!

Bobby Forch

Bruce Harrell

David Schraer

Tim Burgess

Sally Clark

Harium Martin Morris

Marty McLaren

Families Yes!

Streets for all Seattle

Yes on 1163

Protect our Communities

Tickets also available at the door – see you there.