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We are getting excited for Swank, are you? July 12, 2013

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Saturday 10/12, 6pm – midnight | Fremont Studios | $99 per ticket

Tickets go on sale Thursday 8/1 on our Swank webpage

We are quickly approaching SWANK 2013! Make sure to purchase your tickets, brush up on your dance moves, and invite all of your friends to our annual fundraiser.

Swank is an evening full of fun and inspiration including a silent auction, cocktail reception, games, a live auction, excellent dinner, dessert dash and dancing to one of Seattle’s hottest DJs.

In 2012, we had over 400 attendees who helped raise $150,000 towards our mission. We need your help to make this event bigger and even more fantastic than last year!

The dollars support our work to get more people volunteering, voting, giving money and stepping up as leaders. Check out more about Seattle Works’ programs.

Interested in sponsoring this awesome event and getting your company in front of 400 emerging leaders? Sponsorship begins at just $500- check out your options and join us!



Microsoft Employees Join Seattle Works Day to Give Back and Have Fun! May 9, 2013

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SWD TeamMicrosoft has been a valued and generous partner to Seattle Works for many, many years – and this year is no exception.

Employees and friends/family of employees from Microsoft are forming three teams for Seattle Works Day!  They’ll be at:

Eckstein Middle School

A Seattle Public School that serves northeast Seattle students in the 6th, 7th and 8th grades. Volunteers will be removing ivy to improve the safety and visibility for students and school staff.  The look and feel of our schools is important and sends a message to the students, community and families that we encourage learning and growth for all students while providing a safe, clean and beautiful environment.  The schools would be unable to maintain all of their sites without the help of volunteers like those from Microsoft!

Kubota Gardens

This garden is located in South Seattle and is composed of 20 acres of hills and valleys featuring streams, waterfalls, ponds, rock outcroppings and an exceptionally rich and mature collection of plant material.Volunteers will be planting trees, weeding the forest and removing invasive plants to allow future children to play along a future trail site that will climb the moutainside trail in a more gradual route.Volunteers!

Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust

The Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust leads and inspires action to conserve and enhance the landscape from Seattle across the Cascade Mountains to Central Washington, ensuring a long-term balance between people and nature.  Volunteers will be helping us remove invasive species like blackberry and ivy along Issaquah Creek which will help improve the salmon habitat along the creek. Invasive plants are not conducive to a healthy salmon habitat and by removing them we will be helping them thrive.

Are you a Microsoft employee looking to join them? Great! Sign up now:

BIG THANKS to the team at Microsoft who has supported Seattle Works for so many years. We are very thankful to have their employees engaged with our community.

Seattle Works Day is Saturday, May 18th.  The volunteer projects run from noon – 3.30pm and then we head to Seattle Center for an AfterParty full of beer, tacos, ice cream and fun. If you don’t work for Microsoft, you can join the Seattle Works Team – we’d love to have you:

Hope to see you there!


Team Captain Happy Hour Meant Connecting, Learning and Building Excitement for Seattle Works Day! April 17, 2013

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Last night a group of over 40 people gathered at Von Trapp’s to kickoff Seattle Works Day!

Those that signed up to lead a team for Seattle Works Day were there, along with some representatives from the nonprofits that we’ll be working at on Saturday 5/18 when over 4,000 hours of services are given back to our city.  They came to meet each other, ask their questions about the event, talk to the people who would be joining them at their projects, eat, drink and play some bocce ball.

Being a Seattle Works Day Team Captain is fun, rewarding and a great way to bring together everyone you know for a day of volunteer service, followed by awesome food and drinks at the AfterParty! 

Check out more about Seattle Works Day if that sounds like fun to you.


There’s still time to sign up to be a Team Captain if you’re interested!  Signing up to be a Team Captain means you:

  • Recruit anyone and everyone you know to join you! This could take as little or as much time as you want.  If you can recruit at least ten people, you’re a great fit to be a Team Captain.
  • Spend an hour or two leading up to Seattle Works Day helping to coordinate with your project site and team members to ensure everything runs smoothly.
  • Possibly drop by the Seattle Works office to pick up supplies for your project the week of Seattle Works Day (possible someone else from your project site will end up doing this instead).
  • Have an epic day on Sat 5/18 volunteering, celebrating and knowing that you made a SERIOUS impact on Seattle Works.

That’s it! Ready to say yes? Fill out this quick survey and we’ll get you going.  Want to learn more about the event first?  Check out more about Seattle Works Day and let us know if you have any questions. We hope to see you on Saturday May 18th!


2012 in Review: Seattle Works is Crazy 4 U February 14, 2013

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Everyone’s professing some love today–and Seattle Works is following suit! If we were going to fill a box of conversation hearts for you all, CRAZY 4 U would be at the top of our list (followed by Fax Me–kidding! Please don’t fax us!)

Why all the love, you ask? Well, we’ve spent the last month looking back at the work you did in 2012 and are consistently blown away with everything we accomplished together last year! For a complete rundown of your amazing work, check out the brand spankin’ new Year in Review doc up on our website. Need a cheat sheet? Well, let’s start with how you gave your time this year:

  • 20,563 hours of volunteer service
  • 335 Hot Projects and Team Works projects completed
  • 1114 Seattle Works Day participants volunteering at 34 local nonprofits

And that’s not all–89% of you are volunteering at least once a month; 42% of you 2+ times a month. You say Seattle Works is helping you make those volunteer experiences more meaningful! Over half of you say your volunteering has increased since becoming involved with Seattle Works and that your volunteering now makes better use of your time, skill and passion.

Sounds like we make a pretty great team. So, what do you say? Be our valentine?


Annual Giving Campaign Wraps Up with Great Success! January 8, 2013

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Our 2012 Annual Campaign was a rockin’ and rollin’ success! We raised $17,207 from 257 donors that made an average gift of $67.

That’s a lot of people showing love and support to Seattle Works.

This incredible accomplishment could not have been possible without an amazing group of volunteers, our Rock Stars. These people braved it all – they made their friends, family members, strangers on the street – listen to them about their experiences with Seattle Works, why they support and love the organization, and convinced them to give a gift. We cannot recognize them enough for their hard work, dedication, and love. So, here’s a little bit about each of our Rock Stars – their involvement with Seattle Works. Without this group of people, we could never have reached our goal!


Adriane Musuneggi Seattle Works Board of Directors, The Bridge Alum, Social Media Committee Chair
Adrienne DiCasparo Seattle Works Board of Directors
Amy Rainey Social Media Committee Co-Chair; Seattle Works Day (SWD) Team Captain
Andy Clark Seattle Works Staff
Ashley Kolberg Team Works Team Captain
Ben McCarthy Seattle Works Staff
Benjamin Peters Seattle Works Day Team Captain 2012; Team Works participant
Bevin Wong Seattle Works Staff
Bex Bradley Team Works Team Captain
Brittanie Bender Seattle Works Board of Directors
Carlo Caldirola-Davis Elections Committee member
Catherine Weatbrook Community Partner Representative (woo hoo Small Faces!)
Charlie Sullivan HandsOn Leadership Alum
Ellen Frierson Seattle Works Staff Alum
Erica Ellis Social Media Committee
Gillian Murphy Seattle Works Board of Directors
Irfan Shariff Social Media Committee; SWD Team Captain
Jadine Semanske Team Works participant
Jennifer Boehme Kumar The Bridge & HandsOn Leadership Faculty; Annual Campaign Committee
Jon Liechty Seattle Works Board of Directors, Invest Task Force
Jordan Bailey HandsOn Leadership Alum, Invest Task Force
Karianne Stinson Annual Campaign Committee, The Bridge Alum
Katie D’Amato Seattle Works Board of Directors, Team Works participant
Katie Tiehen Seattle Works Staff
Laura Ford Seattle Works Board of Directors
Liz Morris HandsOn Leadership Alum
Megan Szerwo Elections Committee
Ngoc Do Team Member participant
Nick Brown Seattle Works Board of Directors
Nick Peyton Seattle Works Board of Directors, Annual Campaign Committee
Sam Cross The Bridge & HandsOn Leadership Alum
Sarah Haeger Seattle Works Board of Directors
Sergey Smirnov Seattle Works Board of Directors, The Bridge Alum & Faculty, Invest Task Force
Shane McNamee Seattle Works Board of Directors
Tara Smith Seattle Works Staff
Thomas Buford Seattle Works Board of Directors, Team Works participant; Annual Campaign Committee
Trinh Duong Team Works Team Captain
Tyler Bosma Seattle Works Staff Alum
William West Seattle Works Board of Directors, The Bridge Faculty Alum

The funds raised during the Annual Campaign will ensure Seattle Works keeps rockin’ in 2013. In the first two months alone we’ve got: Hot Projects, Team Works, The Bridge & HandsOn Leadership for you to jump in on. Plus we’re launching a couple new ones that we have been working on: Invest & a Lead Alumni Network.


Rock Star Comments Keep ‘Rollin” In December 19, 2012

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The Annual Campaign is still rollin’ along! We have about $1,300 left to hit our $17,000 goal by the end of the year! That’s an incredible display of how our Rock Stars have been truly ROCKIN’. If we get 38 more donors to give $50 each, we’ll hit the target!

So here are some more comments that have made us laugh, feel all warm and fuzzy, and show appreciation for our awesome Rock Stars:

-Your wonderful volunteers have been so helpful with our charity, Bicycles for Humanity Seattle. Thank you! Susan & Frank Finneran
-Thanks, again! Keep up the good work!
-Thanks for all you have done for Small Faces
-Go Seattle Works!
-In honor of Nathan Box
-Cash Donation from Employees of Performance Kia
-Keep Rocking It Brittanie
-We’ll always give whatever we can to help Seattle Works keep on rockin’. Miss you all!
-Happy Birthday, Tyler! And yay! Go Seattle Works! You’re a love for a lifetime.
-THANKS to all of you for the work you do in our community!!
-Seattle Works staff, volunteers, organization is wonderful!
-Keep up the great work!
-Thomas is awesome.
-Seattle Works is a great cause!
-Please continue rockin 🙂
-Thank her for asking
-I heart Seattle Works!
-Can’t say no to Erica!! She’s wonderful…
-Because Sarah Haeger Rocks.
-To support Truffle Shuffle
-Ashley rocks!
-Wish I had more to give
-Merry Christmas –good luck!
-Way to go Liz!
-Save the world, kitty!
-Seattle Works rocks!!
-Lizzy Rocks!!
-Pushing you over the top!
-Go, Amy, go!
-Hi Tara!
-The ultimate (team gold) Rock Star!!
-Good luck toward your goal!!!
-I wish it could be more!
-She rocks!! So proud of everything she does!
-Seattle Works is a wonderful organization with an amazing staff that helps others to rock their community!!
-Bevin’s a tremendous asset to Seattle Works!

Please consider giving to Seattle Works this season. No gift is too small or too large to make an impact in the community.

Give today!


Meet Samanta Cross, a true Seattle Works Rock Star! December 14, 2012

It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that we think our programs are top-notch–but as much as we love what we do, we know we’re only half of the equation. Without our volunteers and community partners, we can’t make the connections that make a big difference in this city we love!

So what happens when Seattle Works’ programs and stellar volunteers combine forces? A lot, if you’re Samanta Cross! Hot Project volunteer, Annual Campaign Rock Star, HandsOn Leadership and Bridge alum, Sam is the kind of person we feel lucky to have in our corner. Though she just started with Seattle Works earlier this year, she’s taking off! Because she’s already participated in three of our programs this year, we asked Sam to talk a little about her experience with Seattle Works and this is what she had to say:

1.       Which Seattle Works programs have you participated in this year? Hot Projects, The Bridge, and HandsOn Leadership. As a result of those last two, I’m working on theRockstar fundraiser right now, as well as a really awesome project with The World is Fun (it involves walls, paint, and international street artists!). We have a new project of sorts going on as well, but that one is still in the making, so I still don’t have lots of details to share

2.       What drew you to Seattle Works—and why do you keep coming back? Back in Mexico I used to do a lot of volunteering and leadership programs, but my husband is form the US, so we decided to come live here for a while. When my husband and I moved to Seattle last year, we didn’t know anyone. In fact, we had never been to the city before! (he is from MI). Which was a very cool, adventurous feeling at first, but got a bit lonely after some months. Then, while trying to network to find a better job, I met Cate Bardelson. She told me about SW and how awesome it was, and it seemed like it was exactly what I needed to meet people and get back into volunteering. Now I keep coming back for many reasons. For example, Hot Projects are an awesome way to give back without feeling overwhelmed. Programs like The Bridge and HandsOn Leadership are perfect to continue learning and a great way to network. And honestly, it is just invigorating to be surrounded by people who care about making a difference, who are passionate about their communities and willing to give their time and enthusiasm to a good cause! Every time I do something with SW, I leave feeling energized, even after a long day!

3.       What has been your most memorable experience with Seattle Works so far?

Well, they have all been good experiences in one way or another. Getting my hands dirty un-attaching wheels from bikes that would go to Africa was surprisingly satisfying on an early Saturday morning! And I really enjoyed The Bridge, just because there were so many inspiring people there! But HandsOn Leadership probably takes the cake because on top of it all, it connected me with a project that I am really, really excited about!! Seriously, it is going to be awesome!

4.       What’s your next step—Seattle Works-related or otherwise?

Right now my attention is focused on the Rockstar fundraiser. After that, my goal will be to make our project with TWIF a huge success! Come January I will be joining a team for that new project I mentioned in Q#1. Between that and continuing to search for a job I love and finishing my Masters degree, I think I’m in for a very busy 2013. But far from daunting, I find that exciting! My schedule is finally going back to what it was in Mexico: lots of volunteering, lots of challenges, lots of opportunities to give back and share and grow. Seattle has finally started to feel like home

Want to help Seattle Works continue supporting incredible Seattleites like Sam? Give today!

(From all of us at Seattle Works–thanks Samanta!)