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Spotlight on Rock Star Frank! December 13, 2011

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Frank is a Seattle Works Rock Star and he first got involved with Seattle Works through a program we run in partnership with Treehouse, another local nonprofit.
Here’s an excerpt from Frank’s personal blog about his involvement with the Men’s Mentoring Group:

Boy’s Group with Treehouse

For the past 11 months I’ve been spending each second Wednesday volunteering with some other men from Seattle Works at Treehouse. The program is called Boy’s Group and it’s basically a chance for young men in foster care to interact with male role-models. There’s always food at the start of each event (lots of food – remember my reference to how much teenage boys can eat) and then some kind of fun activity.

In the past year we went bowling , visited Seattle University, played games at Jillian’s, did a casino night, and played Xbox 360 Kinect Bowling and Dance Central.

Our last event is next month and we’ll most likely be going to play mini-golf followed by eating at Subway!

It’s good to see the boys in the group bond with old dudes like myself. I know a number of the kids there since I used to work at Treehouse and it’s been an amazing experience.

If you’re interested in volunteering – check out Seattle Works! They have one-day events and multiple long-term events. Tell them Frank sent you!

What are you doing reading this silly blog still? Get out and volunteer!

Want to support the awesome-ness of Frank?! Make a gift in his name:


Men’s Group Goes Sky High April 28, 2010

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It did not look like a day for flying.  Seattle had been consumed by a dark grey sky and heavy showers.  This is no issue for typical travel on a Boeing 737, but on this day, there was a group of boys anticipating a flight with a view.  Lucky for the 7 students, the weather cleared and it turned into a beautiful, crisp Seattle evening.  Treehouse for Kids teamed up with Kenmore Air to provide a memorable night in the sky.

The stage was set at the Kenmore Air harbor on south Lake Union.  If you have been in Seattle for any length of time, you have probably seen the buzzing, yellow sea planes that come and go with splash and spray.  The students met with the Seattle Works Men’s group at Kenmore Air ready to…eat. 

One of the leaders commented, “This is going to be great, for a lot of people it will be their first time flying.”  To which one of the boys responded, “Yep, this is a first for me, eating a sub sandwich off the trunk of a BMW.” 

So the boys prepared for the flight by consuming a couple dozen subway sandwiches.  The 10 passenger plane sat and waited.  The lake was calm.  The sun was shining.  The quote of the trip had been spoken.  “We should fly to another state.  I wonder if it looks like it does on a map- can you see the whole United States?”  

The flight did not disappoint.  The boy’s nervous excitement quickly turned into pure excitement.  The sea plane cruised over Gasworks Park, Fremont, Ballard, and Discovery Park.  They had a great view of West Seattle over the Sound.  The plane looped back and flew close to the Space Needle before heading north along Lake Washington.  The plane splashed down on the north end of Lake Washington at Kenmore Air’s harbor with big grins all around.

  Caleb Aring (Men’s Group Mentor)