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Blast From The Seattle Works Day Past! July 11, 2013

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Seattle Works Day was almost two months ago (and it was E-P-I-C), but we’re still getting tons of thank yous, pictures, emails, and – yes – flyers! Below is a flyer made by the coordinator for the Dr. Jose Rizal Off-Leash Area project on SWD.

Read on to see the wonderful impact just one (out of 37) of our projects made!


“Saturday May 18th was a historic day at Dr. Jose Rizal Off-Leah Area. An army of amazing volunteers took to the slopes of this park and helped remove over 1/3 of an acre of invasive plants. They also created protective mulch rings around over 30 trees, spread over 50 yards of wood chips in various locations, weeded, pruned, cut and mulched a pedestrian trail along the south fence line and completely overhauled the water drainage basin. These volunteers spent over 712 volunteer hours reviving the land. This once forgotten dog park is on its way to being one of the top 10 sites to visit in Seattle.” 

Pretty great, right? If you participated in any aspect of Seattle Works Day, go ahead and pat yourself on the back again. It’s clear that Seattle Works Day is not only a great way to volunteer with your friends, family and coworkers (and get some free beer afterwards), but it’s also a day where the community appreciates and recognizes the amazing work you do all year long. Saving a park like this one is also, you know, pretty freakin’ awesome!

Haven’t had a chance to send us your pictures? Upload them to our Flickr group or email!

Want to see how everyone’s project went? Experience it through tagboard!

Have comments about your experience? We’d love to hear ’em – just fill out this survey!


Seattle Works Day – Over 4,000 Hours Invested in Our Community! May 29, 2013

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In case you missed it, Seattle Works Day happened Saturday, May 18th and it. was. epic.  That’s right, I said it.

How many other Saturdays have had over 1,100 people spread all throughout Seattle volunteering? Not many!  And after all of that hard work, we celebrated the day with a great AfterParty at Seattle Center.

Team Something Clever     Team 206    AfterParty Fun!

Were you there? Did you think it was awesome? Or not… either way, we want your feedback so we can make it better for next year:

Did you miss it?  We missed you. Pretend like you were there by scrolling through the 700+ photos:  See? Epic was not an overstatement.   If your photos from the day aren’t there, upload them so we can see them!

Want to relive it?  Our tagboard tells the story better than we can.  What the heck is Tagboard you ask?  It’s one of the coolest things you’ll see all year.  Tagboard is a social engagement platform that tells everyone’s story of their Seattle Works Day experience and then aggregates it all into one place for us to share!  Huge shout out of thanks to the people at Tagboard for letting us see instagram photos, next to tweets, next to vine videos, next to snaps from our photo booth and so on! #hashtag aggregation #FTW


Pat yourselves on the back. In one day, together we accomplished:

  • 4,060 hours of volunteer service
  • 37 different projects impacted by the great work of volunteers! Everything from park restoration, to stuffing quarterly newsletters, to sorting books to create a new library at an elementary school.
  • Over $70,000 raised for Seattle Works so that we can continue to connect volunteers, develop emerging leaders and inspire dialogue all year long!


And now, what’s next?  We hope that Seattle Works Day inspired you to do something more for your community. That can look like whatever you care most about and whatever you have time for.  Maybe you want to volunteer a few more times this year, or maybe you’re going to help out your neighbor the next time you see them in a bind, or maybe you’re going to decide to learn more about one organization you care about and figure out how you can help them most.  Whatever it is, we hope you do it.

what did you do today?  what will you do next?

Do you wish you could do Seattle Works Day every month? Join Team Works now and it’s essentially a smaller scale Seattle Works Day one Saturday a month, June – September. Check out the different teams you can join and then sign up to meet new people, volunteer at different organizations and get further involved!

Team Works     Team Works

Seattle Works is here to get you connected. If you’re looking to take the first step (or even your next step) into community engagement, we’re here to help you do it!

Do Something.


Sponsorship’s Where It’s At May 18, 2013

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Seattle Works Day has a wide variety of sponsorship every year. If you’ve been following our blog, you saw some of our major sponsors highlighted this week and last. But, there are so many more that we’d like to thank for their support and dedication to community engagement:

We’d like to give a BIG THANK YOU to all of our fantastic sponsors! Without the support and partnership of each and every one of these companies, Seattle Works Day would not be as successful. Thank you!!




Seattle Works…and Seattle Plays: #SWDay AfterParty May 17, 2013

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Who’s excited about the Seattle Works Day AfterParty? We are!

This year’s party is sure to be just as grand and awesome as always – if not better. We’ve got some awesome games, raffle prizes and food to help us celebrate YOU!

So what kind of games you ask? Such a great question!

Seattle’s Best Damn Happy Hour will be joining us and bring life-sized Jenga and Scrabble. In addition, there will be Seattle Works themed People Bingo and some pretty awesome throwback place-mats with a crossword puzzle and a coloring activity. Yes, we went there.

What else you may ask? Well, we’ve got some great food from Taco Del Mar coming along with beer from Pyramid BreweriesAdditional non-alcoholic beverages provided by Golazo. What about dessert?? Snoqualmie Ice Cream will be serving up some delicious scoops.

All of that, plus some pretty awesome jams from DJ Manchild!

Sounds pretty fantastic, eh?

Where is all of this happening? Fisher Pavilion at Seattle CenterWe’ll be partying in the heart of Seattle Center, what better way is there to spend a Saturday afternoon after volunteering? I don’t see that you have a choice but to make sure you’re there.


A HUGE THANK YOU to all of our sponsors for this year’s AfterParty: Seattle Center, Seattle’s Best Damn Happy Hour, Taco del Mar, Pyramid Breweries, Golazo, Snoqualmie Ice Cream. 

Seattle’s Best Damn Happy Hour occurs every third Thursday of the month from 5-8pm in the newly renovated Armory at Seattle Center. Make sure to check out the next one on Thur 6/20!

You still have time to sign up for Seattle Works Day: 


FedEx Delivers Volunteerism for Seattle Works Day May 16, 2013

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FedEx has been a great partner of Seattle Works Day for over 5 years, and this year they are bringing it again! Delivering quality volunteers while being a valued sponsor of Seattle Works.

This year, FedEx employees, friends and family will gather at the Brandon Street Nature Area to help improve the salmon and wildlife habitat. Removing invasive species, spreading mulch to increase soil fertility and maintaining the thousands of plants that have previously been installed by volunteers.

A HUGE thank you to the awesome people at FedEx for taking the time to give back to the community! 

Seattle Works Day is THIS Saturday, May 18th.  The volunteer projects run from noon – 3.30pm and then we head to Seattle Center for an AfterParty full of beer, tacos, ice cream and fun. If you don’t work for FedEx you can join the Seattle Works Team – we’d love to have you there! Sign-Up Now!


Boeing REACHes the Community May 15, 2013

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Boeing continues to be an amazing partner and sponsor of Seattle Works. For years, Boeing  has supported our efforts in

community engagement with a Seattle Works Day sponsorship and team of 200+ volunteers in addition to the many other things they support throughout the year.

Boeing REACH, LDE and other employees have made a valuable impact in the Seattle community by giving their time and hands at Seattle Works Day for over five years.

This year, Boeing will be working at the Dr. Jose Rizal Off Leash Park in North Beacon Hill. They will be working to clear out a slope of blackberries, park maintenance and clean-up. The goal will be to relaunch the park once the clean-up is complete and gain back public support.

A very big thank you to Boeing for being such a dedicated partner. 

Seattle Works Day is THIS Saturday, May 18th.  The volunteer projects run from noon – 3.30pm and then we head to Seattle Center for an AfterParty full of beer, tacos, ice cream and fun. If you don’t work for Boeing you can join the Seattle Works Team – we’d love to have you:


Accenture Makes a Lasting Impact May 14, 2013

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For 5+ years, Accenture has been a dedicated, valued partner of Seattle Works and Seattle Works Day.

75 Accenture employees, family & friends will gather this Saturday to, yet again, volunteer their time for a good cause. See the impact they’ve made the past three years through Seattle Works Day.


Accenture employees love giving back to their community.


They sure do love getting their hands dirty for a good cause!


So what will they be doing this year at Seattle Works Day?

This year is no different! The Accenture team will be getting dirty with Nature Consortium within Seattle’s largest contiguous forest removing invasive blackberry and working to mulch planting beds to ensure survival of native trees and shrubs for long term growth and establishment. Forest restoration is a long term project that requires constant maintenance and attention to ensure the best results in the long term.

A HUGE thank you to Accenture for making such a significant impact in our community!

Seattle Works Day is a mission-based fundraiser and our largest annual day of service. It is open to everyone! For more information and to sign up, check out our website. Sign Up Now! SWD is THIS Saturday, 5/18!