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Spotlight on Ace Adriane! December 10, 2010

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During 21 Fun we will be spotlighting some of our aces asking them to tell us why they give to Seattle Works.  Here is Adriane’s story:

Ten years ago, I moved to Seattle as a young professional knowing almost no one and wanting to find a way to give back to the community, which has always been an important part of my life.  My first experience with Seattle Works was as a member of a Seattle Works Day team.  I was amazed at the number of volunteers and the impact this group had within the community in just a few short hours of volunteering.  Shortly thereafter, I joined Seattle Works as a project volunteer which helped me accomplish two things – quickly being able to give back to the community (even with a crazy work schedule) and meeting many great people who have become very good friends. 

I have enjoyed my experience so much that I have continued to be involved in various capacities including as a Hot Projects volunteer, Seattle Works Day team captain, Bridge graduate, Swank Auction Procurement Committee member, Board member and Chair of the Social Media Committee.  For me, there have been three key things that Seattle Works offers that have motivated me to stay involved and help grow the organization:  connections, flexibility and fun. 

Connections:  Seattle Works has an amazing group of volunteers and has built strong, diverse relationships throughout the local community.  This was key for me when I first moved to Seattle as it allowed me to quickly meet new people and learn more about Seattle, all while having a positive impact within the community.  This has continued to be important to me as I’ve been able to give back to the community in various ways whether it’s spending time helping to clean and paint a classroom at an elementary school or spending time outside weeding and planting at Mara Farms.   

Flexibility: No matter how busy my schedule is, Seattle Works has allowed me to engage in the community even when life is hectic.  Hot Projects are easy to fit in when I have a few hours available at the last minute.  When I have had more time, I’ve been able to complete the Bridge program and regularly serve on Seattle Works committees.  Seattle Works also provides the flexibility of volunteering as an individual or as a group.  Hot Project and Seattle Works Day have allowed me to quickly rally a group of friends or coworkers to volunteer.
Fun:  Seattle Works has shown me that being engaged and having an impact within the community is both rewarding and fun.  Some great memories have been made while giving up a few hours on a Saturday to weed and cut back blackberry bushes.  The people I’ve volunteered with at Seattle Works know how to work hard and celebrate their positive impact within the community. 
Donating to the Seattle Works 21 Fun campaign is an easy decision for me.  Seattle Works has helped me and so many other young professionals become active within the community with the breadth of programs they have to offer. 

Please join me in helping Seattle Works to continue to flourish and strengthen the impact their volunteers have within our community.