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Everything you wanted to know… August 11, 2009

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about voting in the primary, of course!

There’s a primary election happening now and it’s super huge.

On the ballot: City Council, Mayor, King County Executive, Port Commission, School Board – basically everybody who runs our local government.  Big time.

I want to make sure you vote… smart, so I’m sending you everything you need to know, courtesy of the Washington Bus.
How and when do I vote?
-You have to mail your ballot by August 18th, otherwise it won’t count. Make sure you stamp and sign it too!
-It’s a mail-in ballot, which means you should have received it at your house (or wherever you’re registered) already.

If you haven’t seen your ballot, contact the Secretary of State to figure out why, and to make sure you can vote. The phone number to call is 1-800-448-4881.

Who do I vote for?
Well, that’s up to you, naturally, but here are some good resources to get a handle on this year’s races.

-The Stranger – endorsements

-The Times – endorsements

– County exec videos

– Publicola – endorsements

– KUOW – audio coverage

– Republicans – endorsements


Comparing the above you see lots of differing opinions.  With that in mind, I am happy to tell you who voted for and why.  Just ask.


Thanks!  Send your ballot in by August 18th.

— Thomas Goldstein, The Washington Bus