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Seattle Works Staff is Thankful For… November 22, 2012

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Why are you thankful to be a part of the Seattle Works team?

Andy – “What I love most about working at Seattle Works is that I can go to work every day and just be myself. I’m so fortunate to work with folks who are funny, friendly and open-minded.”

Tomilyn – “I’m thankful to work in an office full of people passionate about what they’re doing and eager to help each other out. I’m also thankful to be doing work that I truly believe in, work that directly impacts the community I love and helps develop emerging leaders in Seattle. And I’m thankful that some of my co-workers are amazing bakers.”

Bevin – “I fee so lucky to be a part of the Seattle Works team because every single week I get to hear and see the incredible impact our programs are having on individuals and our community.  I’m so proud to play a part in making life just a little bit better.”

Irina – “I’m thankful to be part of the Seattle Works team because I work around and with people who inspire me every day – whether it be our staff, our community partners, or our awesome volunteers. Seeing Seattleites come together to make changes leaves me in awe – and assures me that what we do here at Seattle Works is truly important.”

Ben – “I am thankful to be part of such an exceptional program that inspires people to become volunteer leaders in their community. Whether they are teaching the program, gaining the knowledge, seeking out volunteer leaders, or some mix of all; the amount of community involvement that I experience on a daily basis is a breath of fresh air from the hustle and bustle of daily life. I am thankful that we have such a large network of individuals who take their time to make an impact in their community.”

Katie – “Things I am thankful for…

– Getting to work with the savviest, sassiest, hard-working-est team in Seattle – we do a LOT with a little, and there’s no group I’d rather be stuck in a windowless room with for 2,000+ hours every year.

– Working for an organization that practices what it preaches! We know we can’t build a community of actively engaged Seattleites on our own – so we give people and organizations the resources they need to find their passion, make connections, lead and give back in whatever way makes sense for them.”

Tara – “I get to spend 40+ hours a week surrounded by positive, talented people who inspire me. I’m thankful to have a job where I mostly get to act like myself: absurd humor and a tendency to wear jeans can still equal professional. My work impacts more than a hundred local causes and organizations – at the risk of being too cheesy, that honestly feels like a gift to me personally to be able to do.”

From left: Tara, Katie, Bevin, Irina, Ben, Andy, Tomilyn

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


#SWDay Update… Featuring Percival! May 10, 2012

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We are up to 54 teams joining us for a day of service and celebration on Sat 5/19!  We still have a ways to go until we reach 1,300 volunteers – but we have faith in our last minute city and know that “if you build it, they will come.” And build it we have!

For those of you that haven’t met Percival yet, say hello! Percival is our SWD mascot and generally the most incredible unicorn you’ll ever meet.

Join Percival for Seattle Works Day! There’s still time to sign up for a team, or sign up for the Seattle Works team and you’ll be serving at an elementary school in Fremont.


Seattle Works Day – Six Weeks To Go! April 4, 2012

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Well technically we’re halfway through the week, but just go with it.

Here are Page, Andy and their two thumbs up for Seattle Works Day recruitment!  We’re over 100 people so far (woo yeah hooray!) and are making a huge push to recruit Team Captains.


Team Captain Happy Hour is Thurs 4/12 6pm at Pike Brewery (1415 1st Ave).  Sign up to be a Team Captain before then so you can get in on all the fun! We’ll be providing drinks and food, and giving the Team Captains a chance to get to know each other, chat with the Seattle Works Day committee and learn all about how awesome Sat May 19th is going to be.

Sign up to be a Team Captain:


Seattle Works Day Countdown Begins! #SWDay March 27, 2012

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And what better way than a funny photo to kick things off?

Say hello to Tyler, our Operations Coordinator and Andy, our Data Coordinator – also known as coloring phenoms!  Every week we’ll be posting updates and coloring in our white board wall to show a progress update on how many people and teams are signed up to join our largest day of service on Saturday May 19th!

Seattle Works Day fun has only just begun.

Form a team and sign up today!


2011 Giving Campaign Results January 9, 2012

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Our 2011 annual giving campaign ROCKED. With the help of our Rock Stars, we raised a total of $13,585 for Seattle Works!

But that’s not even the best part. We raised the money from individual donations given by 259 people.  That’s a lot of people showing a lot of love to Seattle Works!

And now for a spectacular showing of data:

Thank you to each and every green dot. Every single gift matters to us.

Round of applause for our Rock Stars, without which, we would have fewer green dots.

Rochelle Audette, Cate Bardelson, Jennifer Boehme, Tyler Bosma, Bekah Bridges, Nick Brown, Thomas Buford, Shauna Causey, Michael Closson, Nick Cullen, Lisa Danielson, Casey Dilloway, Norma-Erin Espinosa, Kathleen Ferguson, Laura Ford, Ellen Frierson, Lorraine Goldberg, Sarah Haeger, Stephanie Heffner, Pierce Hofman, Kim Leary, Alex Lewis, Jon Liechty, Austin McNamee, Shane McNamee, Jen McNeil, Madeline Moy, Gillian Murphy, Adriane Musuneggi, Frank Nam, Fred Northup, Jaxon Ravens, Monstrous Root Ball, Percival, Rebecca Roy, Irfan Shariff, Paul Shoemaker, Sergey Smirnov, Tara Smith, Karianne Stinson, Megan Szerwo and Bevin Wong.


What makes planning fun? Post-its, red dots and Gaga! November 17, 2011

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It was all hands on deck this week, which for Seattle Works means three full -time AmeriCorps team members (Jenna, Page and Ellen), two full-time staff (Tara and Bevin) and two part-time staff (Tyler and Andy) and for a 12 month planning session.

We call it the Great Calendaring Session of 2012 and it happens with background beats from Gaga.


Everyone is responsible for identifying their own programs, events, meetings, grant deadlines, what have you dates on post-its and then placing them on the ginormous calendar sheets.  Once that happens we looks at the year quarter by quarter as a team and see how the dates overlap/intersect.  It was seriously the most productive two-hour discussion we’ve ever had around our calendar!

You might be asking yourself, “Why should l care about your calendar?” Because it’s going to make hanging out with Seattle Works easier on you!  Team Works rounds will be kicking off consistently, year after year in the same months, we’ll have one training course, either The Bridge or HandsOn Leadership, offered every month (for the first six months of the year) and major events like Seattle Works Day is already set (mark your calendars – Sat 5/19/12).  Plus we’ll be publishing all these dates for you at the beginning of the year in case you’re a planner.

You. are. welcome.


Rally with us to Restore Summer! June 7, 2011

Here at Seattle Works we absolutely refuse to believe that it isn’t summer.


When summer actually does get here (in August), we’re going to throw an ice cream party for all those cool folks that sign up to spend some time with us this summer!

Will you be one of these elite/extra-special/uber amazing types?

What qualifies you for the ice cream shindig in August? Any/all of the following:

*The Bridge – starts Tues 6/14

Our training class in nonprofit and government board service. Starts ONE WEEK from today, so jump on it before we run out of room.

*Team Works – kickoff Tues 6/14; first project Sat 6/18

Volunteer with a team of 15 people one Saturday a month, for the next four months.  You’ll get a chance to meet some cool people, and volunteer at four different projects. And we throw in a party at the beginning and end – pretty sweet deal (kinda like ice cream).

*HandsOn Leadership – starts Wed 6/29

Get trained in project management (and many other areas) and then work with a local nonprofit partner to help them create, develop and implement a project that they really need your help with.  This is your opportunity to help out at a different level.

*Join a Committee!

We need help with our Swank Procurement Committee! Swank is our annual gala and an incredible event. Help us plan, execute and procure the items that makes this gala awesome. Email Rachel:

Elections Committee! Do you care about the upcoming election? Want to help make sure your peers make an informed vote? Join our Elections committee and be an integral part of how we decide to make the elections exciting, relevant and engaging. Email Bevin:

*Hot Projects – two or three projects offered every week ALL summer long

One-time volunteer opportunities at Seattle Marathon Association, Hamlin-Robinson School, MEOW Cat Rescue, Food Bank at St. Mary’s, Communities in Schools, etc.

*Project Coordinator

Take the Hot Projects one step further: lead a project! We’ll train and support you, and you’ll work as the liaison between the nonprofit that’s hosting the Hot Project and the volunteers that have signed up. Email Kym:


C’mon – who’s with us?