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President Obama to Millennials: I Want You to Help With Climate Change! December 4, 2013

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Christine McMullin, guest blogger– obama

With all the bad press about Millennials lately, you would think that we can barely get out of bed to confront the coffee pot in the morning, let alone make lasting change in the world.

There is one person, at least, who disagrees: President Obama.

In November, he specifically called out Millennials as the ones who would lead the charge in reducing climate change and environmental regulation in general. It’s the “leaders of the future” that he wants to engage, and he wants to engage them now.

Leading Change as a Millennial

From the executive order that the White House drew up, it’s more than a seat at the table that Millennials will get; it’s the chance to be part of the action.

Nuclear.power.plant.DukovanyObama recognizes that not all change has to come from the legislative branch (we’ve all been party to how that’s going) and seems to have decided that enacting change at the grass-roots and “bottom-up” level will be more effective.

What does this mean for Millennials? The chance to do exactly critics accuse us of: be part of the process. As Melia Ungson says, “…when Millennials are in positions of power, we know that climate change will be high on the agenda, and therefor understand that it is out generation that will reap the rewards or manage the clean-up of whatever actions we take or do not take in the coming months and years.”

How Can I Help?

Government officials seem to be waking up to the value in bringing us into the conversation. After all, as Millennials, we want to change the world. We want to volunteer for causes we care about, we want to do something, whether it’s giving money or time. See the Millennial Impact Report for a fascinating look at how our generation connects with causes:

So, to help, take up the charge! Engage with your favorite cause! Get your friends excited about it! Share news on social media!

The executive branch has realized the impact that we can make: “They [Millennials] are the leading edge of where the country is headed ideologically as well as demographically,” one senior White House aide said.