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#SWDay Update… Featuring Percival! May 10, 2012

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We are up to 54 teams joining us for a day of service and celebration on Sat 5/19!  We still have a ways to go until we reach 1,300 volunteers – but we have faith in our last minute city and know that “if you build it, they will come.” And build it we have!

For those of you that haven’t met Percival yet, say hello! Percival is our SWD mascot and generally the most incredible unicorn you’ll ever meet.

Join Percival for Seattle Works Day! There’s still time to sign up for a team, or sign up for the Seattle Works team and you’ll be serving at an elementary school in Fremont.


LIHI Volunteer Spotlight Features Seattle Works! March 28, 2012

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From the Low Income Housing Institute (LIHI) at home newsletter:

“Seattle Works volunteers and residents of LIHI’s sustainably-designed Denny Park Apartments joined forces this month to prepare an on-site community terrace garden for spring. After much weeding and pruning all planter boxes are ready for the resident community to start planting vegetables, herbs and flowers. This on-site resource gives low income tenants and opportunity to learn gardening skills and offset their food expenses by growing their own food. Thank you Seattle Works for helping our residents get a head start on their gardening projects!


For more information about volunteering with LIHI, please contact Ania Beszterda-Alyson:


Want to volunteer with Seattle Works?

Join a Team Works team!

It’s a chance to meet a group of new people, learn about four different community organizations and give back! Our next round of Team Works kicks off with a party on Tues 4/3, so join a team today!


Transitional Resources Gets Transformed by Seattle Works Volunteers! March 13, 2012

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We had a group of volunteers make a big difference over the weekend! Here is some praise for the work that was done at the Hot Project – a one-time volunteer project that anyone can sign up for! Each Hot Project is led by a Seattle Works volunteer who helps to coordinate the details with the volunteers and the hosting organization.  We call these awesome people Project Coordinators. Hats off to Kari, the Project Coordinator for this particular Hot Project.

“Hello Fabulous Seattle Works Volunteers,

Thank you so much for giving your time and skills to Transitional Resources last Saturday! It was so refreshing to walk into work today and see the scrubbed porch and freshly painted walls, bathrooms, and railings. Staff and clients have been talking all morning about the bright new look around here. Your work really did make a big difference. I made a little photo collage of the volunteer project and attached it here. Enjoy!

If you ever want to learn more about TR or join our mailing list, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

We are so appreciative of your support!

Thanks again,”

Yemaya, Fund Development Manager at Transitional Resources


Thanks to The A Team! February 24, 2012

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The A Team is a Team Works team that volunteer together one Saturday a month for four months.  Laura is their fearless volunteer leader, and their last project was at the Resource Conservation Landscape – a brand new project for the community center, which is a historic building in Magnuson Park. This new landscape will fill the beds next to the building with a beautiful and sustainable demonstration garden. The coolest part is that it’s going to be used to teach the public about how they can use to make their own current (or future) home landscaping more sustainable!

Dear Laura and Team,
Thanks so much for the incredible changes you made to the Resource Conservation Landscape last weekend!  What a major improvement for the soil and the tree health, and to further our goals for the landscape.  Everyone has been commenting on how great the Atlas Cedar bed looks even without any new plants yet!  Your team worked so hard removing all the scraggly grass and digging through the hard compacted soil to incorporate that mountain of compost and get air back into the soil – knowing how much healthier the tree and the hundreds of new groundcover shrubs will be in that “home” makes me feel good every time I walk past it.
Thanks again to the whole team for their dedication and hard work, and to you for leading them to the Resource Conservation Landscape!

Magnuson Community Center Nature Programs


Transitional Resources thanks Team Awesome! January 26, 2012

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Team Awesome is… well awesome!

Team Awesome is a Team Works team, which means they’re a group of people that volunteer together one Saturday a month, for four months. We have a round of Team Works kicking off on Sat 2/11 with the first project.

Know what that means? You can get in on this awesome action, that’s what it means!  

Check out the teams and where they’ll be volunteering each month:

Sign up and you too could be awesome!


LIHI features Seattle Works volunteers! December 21, 2011

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The Low Income Housing Institute (LIHI) gives a quick shout out to a team of Seattle Works volunteers becuase they rock!

Thank you for the shout out LIHI!


What makes planning fun? Post-its, red dots and Gaga! November 17, 2011

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It was all hands on deck this week, which for Seattle Works means three full -time AmeriCorps team members (Jenna, Page and Ellen), two full-time staff (Tara and Bevin) and two part-time staff (Tyler and Andy) and for a 12 month planning session.

We call it the Great Calendaring Session of 2012 and it happens with background beats from Gaga.


Everyone is responsible for identifying their own programs, events, meetings, grant deadlines, what have you dates on post-its and then placing them on the ginormous calendar sheets.  Once that happens we looks at the year quarter by quarter as a team and see how the dates overlap/intersect.  It was seriously the most productive two-hour discussion we’ve ever had around our calendar!

You might be asking yourself, “Why should l care about your calendar?” Because it’s going to make hanging out with Seattle Works easier on you!  Team Works rounds will be kicking off consistently, year after year in the same months, we’ll have one training course, either The Bridge or HandsOn Leadership, offered every month (for the first six months of the year) and major events like Seattle Works Day is already set (mark your calendars – Sat 5/19/12).  Plus we’ll be publishing all these dates for you at the beginning of the year in case you’re a planner.

You. are. welcome.