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Guest Post: Hello from London! November 26, 2013

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Irina, Seattle Works Volunteer Program Coordinator: Well hello there, Seattle Works community—miss me yet?! Let me tell you, as awesome as London is, I miss seeing the daily impact Seattle Works volunteers, donors, staff and supporters make—but reading the blog and stalking Facebook posts helps!Image

Being the ever-so-sentimental person that I am, I always carry this SW pin with me:


The other day, as I was staring at Parliament and Big Ben (so lovely), I thought—Seattle Works is kind of here with me, through this pin. Fancy that. So I took a picture (see below). And it turned out pretty awesome. And I wanted to share it with all of you. Congratulations—you have vicariously visited these two amazing places!

Then I thought, how cool would it be to make a collage of all the places that SW has seen—and alas, I write a blog post (as a “guest” blogger—fancy!).

Since it’s been freezing here, I haven’t had the chance to take any other amazing landmark picture, BUT I went to an night food market (how Seattle does that sound?!) and took this:


I would have taken a picture of the hot buttered rum, but I drank that faster than I could say “cheese”. 

Carrying this pin around with me is a friendly reminder that once you participate in anything Seattle Works related, you always feel a sense of community. Every day, I know the staff are working hard to provide awesome programs, as well as give you a voice and make an impact. And the fact that I can feel this sense of accomplishment all the way across the pond—well, it’s quite amazing.

As the holidays approach, and everyone is in the giving mood, make sure you keep that good spirit throughout the rest of the year—so that if you ever need something to smile about, or a way to give back, you know where to go. Or I can always take a few more pictures to make you happy.

Long, cheesy story short: I miss you all! I know you’re doing wonderful things and I cannot wait to hear what was accomplished in 2013—something that I’m happy I was a part of. Cheers!