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#SWDay Update and Packing Party! May 15, 2012

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It was a party up in here today… a packing party that is!  We had shirts and KIND snacks galore delivered last week so today the Seattle Works team went to work!  We printed and counted and sorted like crazy – but now we are SO READY for OMG SWD this Saturday.

All 33 project sites have plenty of SWD event shirts, delicious KIND bars, name tags, markers, sign-in sheets, directions to the AfterParty, waivers and all the good things a volunteer project needs to make sure the experience is an amazing one.

Bring it on.

If you haven’t signed up yet, it’s not too late.  Don’t worry, we threw in a ton of extra stuff for each site just in case you signed up!

You’re not going to want to miss out on this day – sign up now:

Seattle Works team members Tyler, Percival and Ellen lend helpful hands (and hoofs) to the packing extravaganza.


Percival can totally pull off yellow #SWDay April 30, 2010

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It’s not a color everyone can wear effectively, but luckily Percival can.

From SWD.Q2.2010.Percival

Welcome Randi and Megan to the now complete VISTA Team!


Percival Survived the Flood! #SWDay April 24, 2010

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In case you hadn’t heard, our building had an unfortunate flood last week, but fear not: the Seattle Works unicorn is alive and dry.  He now has his own pancho, should an emergency arise again.

From SWD.Q2.2010.Percival

We know you were concerned.


Percival, The Seattle Works Day Unicorn #SWDay April 10, 2010

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This week Percival got a little color in his recruitment rainbow:

And the Seattle Works team got some fancy matching sweatshirts too!


Introducing Percival, the Seattle Works Day Unicorn #SWDay April 2, 2010

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How do you make tracking Seattle Works Day recruitment fun and interesting?

We think the answer is a unicorn on a whiteboard.

From SWD.Q2.2010.Percival

Each Friday, Percival the Seattle Works Day Unicorn’s rainbow will be colored in based on the number of people signed up for the event. Let’s get some color going!